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Retin A for Eye Area - my Wrinkles Are Worse Now?

Have been using retin a 0.005% and atralin around my eye area and my wrinkles seem to be worse now and my skin there is thinner. Wasn't Retin A... READ MORE

Using .05% Retin A (Generic Brand) As an Anti-wrinkle Cream. Is It Normal For Lines To Increase After Usage?

I am 40 years old. People always tell me that I look 10 years younger. I had no acne or wrinkles. do have oily, acne prone skin thou. Started using ... READ MORE

Will Using Retin a for Acne Make Facial Spider Veins Worse or More Prominent

Will Using Retin a for Acne Make Facial Spider Veins Worse or More Prominent READ MORE

Retin- A 0.05% for dark circle?

Hallo... I am 27 years old and suffering from dark circle from 8 years...i started aaplying retino 0.05% from 1 month to my face and under eyes too..... READ MORE

Will Retin A help repair broken capillaries or only irritate them?

I have some broken capillaries on my upper cheek and nose and just recently read that tretinoin can help diminish them. Is this true? I have wanted to... READ MORE

Retin a

I've been using retin a for a year for a wrinkle that has started above my top lip. JUST since i've been using the retin a i have GAINED TWO... READ MORE

Can using Retin-A cause scarring? (photos)

I know it makes it worse before it gets better. As a result, pimples have came to a head and I have popped them. This seems to have caused scarring... READ MORE

Dark circles made permanently worse by retinol use?

I used Skinceuticals 0.5 retinol cream for my dark circles for around 4-5 weeks. I started off using it every other night and increased it to every... READ MORE

Why has my skin gotten worse since I used 0.25 tretinoin cream on my face ?

I been using this cream for 6 weeks I was told I should see improvement by 6 weeks and it seem to have gotten a lot worse. I am also taking a... READ MORE

Is Retinol Suitable for Me?

I have been using a retinol eye cream for 3 weeks. Dark circles becomes darker and pigmentation appeared at the corner of my eyes. Will it fade away... READ MORE

Retin-A Has Made Skin Worse, Will It Improve with Continued Use? (photo)

Ive been using, Tretinoin .1%, Id say 2-3x a week for the past month, and Ive noticed some side effects. My hands and face are very shiny, and it... READ MORE

How Long Before Giving Up on Retin-A Micro?

I have been using retin a micro for over 6 weeks and my skin has only gotten worse, at what point do I stop and move onto something else? READ MORE

Skin got darker, orange peel texture with Retin A. Any suggestions? (photos)

After five month of ratin a use my skin is really damaged.much darker, pigmentation got worse. Orange peel texture. Idintations that looks dark. I... READ MORE

Retin A causing scars.

Retin a is causing me scars that were never there before.. Can this happen or is it just making them more visible as its exfoliating my skin .. This... READ MORE

My skin is worse than it was before I began using Retin A .1% gel. Should I continue using this gel or stop?

I am 24, used tetra for my acne then after I was prescribed Retin A .1% gel. Initially i had no breakouts while using the gel. Now I have red bumps... READ MORE

Can Tretinoin cream (0.025%) worsen acne scars or give you more scarring?

I used Tretinoin cream in moderation for the past couple of weeks and on some days my skin seemed really good, (if sometimes flaky for a while). But I... READ MORE

Stopping Obagi makes my skin worse. When should I take a break from Retin A and Obagi? (Photo)

Whenever I don't use tretinoin and obagi for 2 days, my skin gets worse. But it's v sensitive now and there's irritation. I want to take a break... READ MORE

Why do my pores and blackheads look worse since I started Retin A 3 months ago?

I have been on a combination cream of .025%Tretinoin and 5% Hydroquinone for 3 months, and at first, I thought my skin looked much better, but over... READ MORE

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