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Retin A for Eye Area - my Wrinkles Are Worse Now?

Have been using retin a 0.005% and atralin around my eye area and my wrinkles seem to be worse now and my skin there is thinner. Wasn't Retin A... READ MORE

Using .05% Retin A (Generic Brand) As an Anti-wrinkle Cream. Is It Normal For Lines To Increase After Usage?

I am 40 years old. People always tell me that I look 10 years younger. I had no acne or wrinkles. do have oily, acne prone skin thou. Started using ... READ MORE

Will Using Retin a for Acne Make Facial Spider Veins Worse or More Prominent

Will Using Retin a for Acne Make Facial Spider Veins Worse or More Prominent READ MORE

Retin a

I've been using retin a for a year for a wrinkle that has started above my top lip. JUST since i've been using the retin a i have GAINED TWO... READ MORE

Retin- A 0.05% for dark circle?

Hallo... I am 27 years old and suffering from dark circle from 8 years...i started aaplying retino 0.05% from 1 month to my face and under eyes too..... READ MORE

Can using Retin-A cause scarring? (photos)

I know it makes it worse before it gets better. As a result, pimples have came to a head and I have popped them. This seems to have caused scarring... READ MORE

Will Retin A help repair broken capillaries or only irritate them?

I have some broken capillaries on my upper cheek and nose and just recently read that tretinoin can help diminish them. Is this true? I have wanted to... READ MORE

Is Retinol Suitable for Me?

I have been using a retinol eye cream for 3 weeks. Dark circles becomes darker and pigmentation appeared at the corner of my eyes. Will it fade away... READ MORE

Dark circles made permanently worse by retinol use?

I used Skinceuticals 0.5 retinol cream for my dark circles for around 4-5 weeks. I started off using it every other night and increased it to every... READ MORE

Why has my skin gotten worse since I used 0.25 tretinoin cream on my face ?

I been using this cream for 6 weeks I was told I should see improvement by 6 weeks and it seem to have gotten a lot worse. I am also taking a... READ MORE

Retin-A Has Made Skin Worse, Will It Improve with Continued Use? (photo)

Ive been using, Tretinoin .1%, Id say 2-3x a week for the past month, and Ive noticed some side effects. My hands and face are very shiny, and it... READ MORE

How Long Before Giving Up on Retin-A Micro?

I have been using retin a micro for over 6 weeks and my skin has only gotten worse, at what point do I stop and move onto something else? READ MORE

Can Tretinoin cream (0.025%) worsen acne scars or give you more scarring?

I used Tretinoin cream in moderation for the past couple of weeks and on some days my skin seemed really good, (if sometimes flaky for a while). But I... READ MORE

My skin is worse than it was before I began using Retin A .1% gel. Should I continue using this gel or stop?

I am 24, used tetra for my acne then after I was prescribed Retin A .1% gel. Initially i had no breakouts while using the gel. Now I have red bumps... READ MORE

I don't have any pimples in the past. I'm experiencing now a lot of pimples on my forehead. Is it normal? (photos)

I have problems on my face. Im now 22, Im experiencing hormonal imbalance and My dermatologist told me that I will undergo Tretinoin peel.... READ MORE

Why do my pores and blackheads look worse since I started Retin A 3 months ago?

I have been on a combination cream of .025%Tretinoin and 5% Hydroquinone for 3 months, and at first, I thought my skin looked much better, but over... READ MORE

Stopping Obagi makes my skin worse. When should I take a break from Retin A and Obagi? (Photo)

Whenever I don't use tretinoin and obagi for 2 days, my skin gets worse. But it's v sensitive now and there's irritation. I want to take a break... READ MORE

Skin got darker, orange peel texture with Retin A. Any suggestions? (photos)

After five month of ratin a use my skin is really damaged.much darker, pigmentation got worse. Orange peel texture. Idintations that looks dark. I... READ MORE

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