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Does Topical Tretinoin Harm the Baby in the Early Week of Pregnancy?

I had been using topical retin A (tretinoin) and HQ(Hydroquinone) from aesthetic clinic for 1 month. However, I was not applying it every on my face.... READ MORE

Can Thin Skin (Not Reversed Normally) Caused by Topical Steroids Be Helped with Retin-a?

Hi, I have been using topical steroids (betnovate), for 16 years now...and my skin has become thinner, although that is supposed to reverse it has... READ MORE

Can I Use Product Containing AHA and BHA and Also Topical Vitamin C While on Isotretinoin?

Have been on isotretinoin for five months. ance almost clear but left with scars. READ MORE

Do topical treatments work to prevent hormonal acne?

I am planning to use a 0.05% tretinoin cream prescribed by my doctor. He believes my acne is hormonal and also prescribed spironolactone. I am... READ MORE

Will Retin-A counter skin thinning induced by topical steroids?

Will Retin-A counter skin thinning induced by topical steroids when used conjunctively? READ MORE

Is it okay to use topicals while face is "flaking"?

Hi, I've been applying Aczone and Retin-a to my face for the last 3-4 months. Last night my skin began flaking , so I did not apply. Is it okay to... READ MORE

Who Should Not Use Retin-A?

Who should avoid Retin-A? What would be an alternative topical to use instead? READ MORE

Will tretinoin lose/lower its efficacy if I use some creams under and over it?

Here is my routine: wash face with gentle soap, moisturize on dry areas, clindamycin topical, tretinoin . 025, whitening cream on dark spots... will... READ MORE

Help with my acne scars - 19 years old. (photos)

Last summer(2016) I started to breakout very bad - now have scars. Acne is under control ,and I only have scars. Since I have only had scars for about... READ MORE

Does topical trentinoin cause cancer?

I read somewhere that topical trentinoin may cause cancer and led to increased mortality on some patients.  READ MORE

Can you fix deflated cheeks without fillers? Something like topical Retin A or a collagen induction?

Can loss of volume in cheeks be fixed by something like topical Retin A or a collegen induction procedure like microneedling or PRP? READ MORE

Can the use of topical retin-a on the face cause hair loss?

I use a strength of .1%. I have read in some forums of people experiencing hair loss after the use of retin a. READ MORE

Rentinoids and naturals oils? Mild/moderate acne. (photos)

I have been prescribed topical tretinoin cream (0.05%) for mild/moderate acne. I took a break from my prescription whilst making several changes to my... READ MORE

Under eye skin damaged by retin-a.

After using retain-a and retinol based products, my under eye area became dry and developed deep fine lines. Are there any good topical cream or... READ MORE

What Are Topical Retinoids?

What exactly are topical retinoids? What differentiates them from other acne treatment creams? READ MORE

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