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What Do I Use First Retin-A or Night Cream?

I got some tretinoin retin-a 0.1 gel from doctors yesterday and done a test patch last night with no adverse reaction, but would really like to know... READ MORE

Using Retin-A 0.1% and Vitamin C Together?

I have been using Retin-A 0.1% for a while, and loving the results. I also really like using vitamin c and was wondering if I can use vitamin c on top... READ MORE

How Long Before I Should Stop Using Retin a if I Want to Plan a Baby?

How Long Before I Should Stop Using Retin a if I Want to Plan a Baby? READ MORE

Should I Go off Retin A in the Summer?

So I started using retin a in february. It has worked wonders for me except for when I go in the sun. Whenever I go in the sun, I break out the day... READ MORE

How Do I Use Clindamycin and Retin-A at the Same Time?

At night when I am supposed to be using both what is the order I should apply, if I should wash my face, and how long I should wait before a specific... READ MORE

Retin-A 1% First Time Under Eyes: Woke with Darker Circles

I already have dark circles and am hoping the Retin-A will improve them. Today they are more purple and just darker. Will this stop with continued use... READ MORE

How Long After Fraxel Repair Can I Start Using Retin-A

Had Fraxel Repair 3 weeks ago. Will Retin-A help with the collagen rebuilding process? Also how long after my treatment should I wait to start using... READ MORE

What is the Least You Can Use Retin-A for It to Work?

I have red-head skin, and I've just started using Retin-A for acne and wrinkle purposes. I'm using the 0.025% gel, but it is still making my... READ MORE

How long we can use Retinol Complex and Hydroquinone cream?

I have been using SkinMedica Retinol Complex .75% with Hydroquinone 8% for a year. Is this true should not use these for a long period of time READ MORE

Retin A Before and After Fraxel Repair?

How exactly in terms of benefits does Retin-A help as PRE-treatment for Fraxel Repair and what does it do as POST treatment? What is the treatment... READ MORE

How Long Does It Typically Take to See Anti-aging and or Acne Fighting Effects of Retina-A?

I've been using retina-A cream for about 2 months now for both of these problems and not seen any real results. READ MORE

How Soon Can I Use Retin-A on my Nose After Having Open Rhinoplasty and Nasal Tip Plasty?

How Soon Can I Use Retin-A on my Nose After Having Open Rhinoplasty and Nasal Tip Plasty? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Retin A 0.001% Gel at Night and then Ultraquin (Hydroquinone 4%) During Day Time?

I have Indian skin and have some brown spots on my cheeks. I have tried Mela D with kojic acid for a month and Retin A for 4 months. I put Retin A at... READ MORE

Can Retin A Interfere with Collagen Production from a Total Fraxel 2-3 Months After?

Although my doctor says it is ok to use Retin A 2 months after my total fraxel, I read on an internet site that it could interfere with the collagen... READ MORE

Retin-A, Derma Roller 1mm, Vitamin C, and Glycolic Peel, Appliance?

I would like to know how to use Retin – A 0.05, Derma roller 1mm, Vitamin c Serum and Glycolic peel into my weekly skin care regime. How many days w... READ MORE

Retin-A Effectiveness While Shaving and Is it Okay To Combine Retin-A and Facials?

Hi. I'm 42 years old/male and started using Retin-A a week ago. I don't have any major problems with it, only a bit of flaking and redness which... READ MORE

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