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I'm already using Retin-A 0.025 and wish to add Hydroquinone 2% to diminish dark spots. Can I use Hydroquinone in the morning?

I've been using RetinA 0.025% for years (3 to 6 days/week at bedtime) and would like to add Murad serum (with 2% hydroquinone) to help diminish dark... READ MORE

Using Retin-A with Thermage or IPL?

Do I have to quit Retin A before Thermage or IPL? Can I start using it immediately afterward? READ MORE

Retinoid After Accutane?

Hi- I'm on an Accutane course and after I finish, I'd like to start a retinoid. I've heard it's smart to start with a more gentle retinoid, like... READ MORE

How long after V-beam can I use Retin-a?

Had Vbeam yesterday still have swelling READ MORE

Can I use Retin A or Retinol up until I get my Ultherapy on my face?

Do I need to stop using Retin A before my Ultherapy on face? If so how far out should I stop? Could I use a Retinol over the counter or does the same... READ MORE

The time between the moisturizer and Retin-A?

I take shower in the evening around 6:00pm and I apply a moisturizer right after the shower. Is it OK to apply Retin-A around 10:00pm or I should... READ MORE

Does 10% Retinol weeks prior to microneedling increase the effectiveness of microneedling?

I'm getting microneedling done in 4 weeks and my aesthetician recommended that I use 10% Retinol on my skin for the month prior to the treatment to... READ MORE

Tns essential serum and Retin A. I've been told I don't need to wait between each application. Is this correct?

I use tns and retin a. After the toner is it okay to apply tns without waiting and should i wait a certain amount of time before adding the retin a.... READ MORE

What can I expect if I stop applying Retin-A to my face? I've had flakiness, how long until I am back to normal? (photo)

It has been 2 weeks and the flakiness under my eyes makes it impossible for me to conceal my dark circles, I look like a flaky mess under my eyes.... READ MORE

Tretinoin after TCA CROSS?

How long should i wait before using tretinoin cream after performing a tca cross? READ MORE

Prescription Acne Cream and Retin A Application?

Dear Doctors: 1) Should I apply acne cream and retin A all over my face or only to the affected areas? 2) Is there an order in which I should apply:... READ MORE

Can you use tretinoin 0.1% together with a bleaching cream?

Can I layer these 2 products together? Which should be put on first and how long should I wait in between applications? READ MORE

What % of Retin A should I use to prepare my skin for a TCA peel?

I have read that it's best to have microdermabrasion and use Retin A four to six weeks prior to having a TCA peel. What percentange/concentration of... READ MORE

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