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Going on a Sunny Trip - Should I Discontinue Retin-A for Acne?

What to use instead of Retin-A in a 21/d sunny trip after 1/m using RetinA to prevent acne? I have been using a mixture of RetinA and Eldoquin for 1... READ MORE

When is it ok to stop using differin/Retin-a after starting?

I want to start differin and retin-a but i also want to get extractions done. is it ok to use them for about 3 weeks and then wait a while until my... READ MORE

Can I use Retin A or Retinol up until I get my Ultherapy on my face?

Do I need to stop using Retin A before my Ultherapy on face? If so how far out should I stop? Could I use a Retinol over the counter or does the same... READ MORE

Can I go in the sun after being off Retin A a month?

We are traveling to the islands in May and I am currently using retin A on my acne. My question is if I stop using the medicine a month before, will... READ MORE

How to stop using Hydroquinone with Tretinoin solution? (photos)

I have been using the solution for more than 2 years..every time when I walk under the sun,my facial skin will become pinkish and irritates..I decided... READ MORE

How long does skin sensitivity last after stopping Retin-A?

I'm in my 30s, and 6 months ago I began using a tretinoin-hydroquinone cream, which has done wonders for the acne but has left my skin dry and... READ MORE

Should I stop using Retin-A (tretinoin cream)? (Photo)

I have been using tretinoin cream 0.05% for 5 days now every night like my dermatologist tells me to but I got a redness on my cheek and I don't know... READ MORE

Trying to conceive and tretinoin.

Hello, my husband and I have recently starting trying to conceive. He is 37 and I am 36. My question is since actually getting pregnant is such an... READ MORE

Retin-A for 1 week - Can I discontinue?

I Hve been using retin a cream fr a week and i am experiencing too much of dryness and redness and irrated with my skin. I Hve stopped using it frm... READ MORE

If I stop using Retin A cream on my face, will acne scars, dark spots and redness from acne scars come back?

If I stop using Retin A cream on my face, will acne scars, dark spots and redness from acne scars come back? I want to ask the same question with... READ MORE

Retin a micro 0.08% gel (1 week) and microneedling and prp.

I just started using retin-a micro 0.08% 1 week ago (3x a week), my skin looks lil smoother , ice pik scars look smaller, but i haven't reached the... READ MORE

Im using tretinoin 0.025 from 5 days n getting acne on face....should I use it continue or stop to use it?

Im using tretinoin 0.025 from 5 days.....I use dermadew lite soap on face regularly while there any side effect of this?should I continue... READ MORE

Long-term Retin-A for Anti-Aging: Rebound effect after stopping treatment

I have read that the anti-aging effects of topical tretinoin disappear after treatment is discontinued. However, I would like to clarify something: is... READ MORE

Can Retin-A (tretinoin) be used for 6 weeks, stopped for rhinoplasty, than continued after?

I got prescribed tretinoin .025% for acne and I have rhinoplasty in 2 months. I heard you're supposed to stop using topical treatment a couple weeks... READ MORE

I was wondering when the A RET will stop burning me and giving me patches?

I have been using the gel 0.1% for a week and two days and I started noticing discoloration on my face I also feel discomfort every time I apply... READ MORE

Can retin-a cause nosebleeds?

I have used it for years and love the effect however I began getting very bad nosebleeds and so I went off it and they stopped...any insights or... READ MORE

I am looking for advice on dealing with under eye lines at a young age. (photos)

I am only 30 years old, but I have visible under eye lines both at rest and while smiling. I spent too much time in the sun when I was growing up, and... READ MORE

Can Tretinoin 0.025% cause hyperpigmentation spots in my face? (photos)

I star us in Stieva 0.025% 6 weeks ago. I had a dark spot in one of my cheeks before but now after using tretinoin this sport is darker and a new one... READ MORE

Levulan and Blue light treatment - stop Retin-A?

I am going in for the Levulan and blue light treatment on my face next Monday, May 1st. I am currently using Retin A .1% every night on my face.... READ MORE

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