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Going on a Sunny Trip - Should I Discontinue Retin-A for Acne?

What to use instead of Retin-A in a 21/d sunny trip after 1/m using RetinA to prevent acne? I have been using a mixture of RetinA and Eldoquin for 1... READ MORE

When is it ok to stop using differin/Retin-a after starting?

I want to start differin and retin-a but i also want to get extractions done. is it ok to use them for about 3 weeks and then wait a while until my... READ MORE

Can I use Retin A or Retinol up until I get my Ultherapy on my face?

Do I need to stop using Retin A before my Ultherapy on face? If so how far out should I stop? Could I use a Retinol over the counter or does the same... READ MORE

Can I go in the sun after being off Retin A a month?

We are traveling to the islands in May and I am currently using retin A on my acne. My question is if I stop using the medicine a month before, will... READ MORE

How long does skin sensitivity last after stopping Retin-A?

I'm in my 30s, and 6 months ago I began using a tretinoin-hydroquinone cream, which has done wonders for the acne but has left my skin dry and... READ MORE

How to stop using Hydroquinone with Tretinoin solution? (photos)

I have been using the solution for more than 2 years..every time when I walk under the sun,my facial skin will become pinkish and irritates..I decided... READ MORE

Should I stop using Retin-A (tretinoin cream)? (Photo)

I have been using tretinoin cream 0.05% for 5 days now every night like my dermatologist tells me to but I got a redness on my cheek and I don't know... READ MORE

Trying to conceive and tretinoin.

Hello, my husband and I have recently starting trying to conceive. He is 37 and I am 36. My question is since actually getting pregnant is such an... READ MORE

Retin-A for 1 week - Can I discontinue?

I Hve been using retin a cream fr a week and i am experiencing too much of dryness and redness and irrated with my skin. I Hve stopped using it frm... READ MORE

Could retinal cause the hyperpigmentation on my lips and how long to would it take to resolve after stopping use? (Photos)

Hi, I've been using a oil containing Retin-A to my face almost nightly since early May. I love how my skin feels since. But now my lips have became... READ MORE

If I stop using Retin A cream on my face, will acne scars, dark spots and redness from acne scars come back?

If I stop using Retin A cream on my face, will acne scars, dark spots and redness from acne scars come back? I want to ask the same question with... READ MORE

Retin a micro 0.08% gel (1 week) and microneedling and prp.

I just started using retin-a micro 0.08% 1 week ago (3x a week), my skin looks lil smoother , ice pik scars look smaller, but i haven't reached the... READ MORE

Im using tretinoin 0.025 from 5 days n getting acne on face....should I use it continue or stop to use it?

Im using tretinoin 0.025 from 5 days.....I use dermadew lite soap on face regularly while there any side effect of this?should I continue... READ MORE

Long-term Retin-A for Anti-Aging: Rebound effect after stopping treatment

I have read that the anti-aging effects of topical tretinoin disappear after treatment is discontinued. However, I would like to clarify something: is... READ MORE

Can Retin-A (tretinoin) be used for 6 weeks, stopped for rhinoplasty, than continued after?

I got prescribed tretinoin .025% for acne and I have rhinoplasty in 2 months. I heard you're supposed to stop using topical treatment a couple weeks... READ MORE

I was wondering when the A RET will stop burning me and giving me patches?

I have been using the gel 0.1% for a week and two days and I started noticing discoloration on my face I also feel discomfort every time I apply... READ MORE

.05% Tretinoin Gel vs. .1% Differin Gel, which one is more effective?

Hi, my insurance will stop covering my .05% Tretinoin gel starting on October 1, 2017. My insurance will cover .1% Differin gel instead. Is .1%... READ MORE

Can Tretinoin 0.025% cause hyperpigmentation spots in my face? (photos)

I star us in Stieva 0.025% 6 weeks ago. I had a dark spot in one of my cheeks before but now after using tretinoin this sport is darker and a new one... READ MORE

I am looking for advice on dealing with under eye lines at a young age. (photos)

I am only 30 years old, but I have visible under eye lines both at rest and while smiling. I spent too much time in the sun when I was growing up, and... READ MORE

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