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Is It Normal to Not Have Any Sensitivity to Retin-A Cream?

I just started using 0.05% Trentoin cream and have not had any sensitivity to it at all. It has been 4 days and there is no burning, warmth,... READ MORE

Should I switch my Retin A? I have no sensitivity to it at all even in the eye area. Is it even working???

I am 34 years old. I've been on the Retin A 0.05 cream for about a week. I use it every day at night. I don't need a moisturzer because it feels so... READ MORE

I work outdoors and I want to use Retin-A cream for antiaging. I plan to apply sunscreen. Is it safe for me to use?

I work outdoors and I want to use Retin-A cream for antiaging. I plan to apply sunscreen every two hours and every hour if I am sweating. Should a... READ MORE

30-fine lines and wrinkles around mouth and cheeks? Sun damage from increased sensitivity on Retin-A, facial exercises? (Photo)

I stopped RetinA(after approx 1yr) in May, in June went on a vacation full of sun. I use spf 30+ Everyday. Within a few weeks after this trip I... READ MORE

Retinol Problems? Blotchy Skin After 2 Months?

I started using a 1% retinol about two months ago. Initially, my skin looked awesome, then about a few weeks later, my skin got really bad. I now have... READ MORE

How does one Tretinoin .4% and Hydroquinone 4% incorporate into morning skin routine? Dull complexion @ 20 years old. (photo)

I am 20 years old and I have developed sensitive, allergy/acne prone skin over the years with harsh chemicals, over-exfoliation, and not knowing how... READ MORE

Is the Retin A causing these problems though im not actually applying it topically on the lip?

My lips are very sensitive and dry and paintful after applying retin A. i use retin A on my face but not on my lips. the closest it gets to the... READ MORE

Can I use Retin-A on my crepping aging hands at bedtime to eliminate deep creases on my drive hands? If so, what strength?

My hands are sensitive to heat, and it gets worse after UV light exposure in the nail salon used to set certain coating. And also from mostly doing... READ MORE

How do I treat a major adverse reaction to a face wash that I just used?

I have been using Retin-A and hydroquinone for 6 months, but I stopped using it on my cheeks last month because my skin has become hypersensitive.... READ MORE

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