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What is a Milder Alternative to Retin A?

I have fair skin with rosacea (pretty much under control with Metrogel). I am looking for something to reverse sun damage and make my skin look... READ MORE

Which type of cleanser and moisturizer should use while I'm on Retin-A (0.025%)? (photos)

I'm not sure which cleanser and moisturizer to use since I'm on Retin A and I have oily/sensitive skin. I've heard 'cetaphil' is good, however it... READ MORE

Is the Combination of Glycolic Acid and Retin-A Too Harsh a Regime for Dehydrated Sensitive Skin?

I'm 33 years old and have been using an 8% glycolic acid exfoliating day cream and Retin-A at night to improve slight acne scarring from my teens.... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Start Using Retin-A in the Summer?

I went to see my dermatologist and he prescribed Retin-A 0.04% because I have sensitive skin. I am going to slowly introduce this into my skincare... READ MORE

Will Retain-A be right for me? I have clogged pores.

I have stretched pores from oily skin and picking at clogged pores. It only got worse the more I picked and now it seems like my pores are always... READ MORE

Is Retin-A ( 0.005%) Good for Dry and Sensitive Skin?

I am 31 years old female, caucasian, clear skin complexion. My Family Doctor recommends Retin-A to most of her female patients ( if inquired ) as a... READ MORE

Is .04% Retin-A Micro effective for diminishing wrinkles?

I am 51 and was discussing anti-aging options with a dermatologist. He prescribed Retin-A Micro. When it arrived I saw that it was only .04%. While I... READ MORE

I have been using Retin-A for 8 weeks and my face is really red. Is this normal?

I have really sensitive skin and i have been using retin a .25% everyday for the past eight week.s My acne is disappearing but my face is super red?... READ MORE

Can You Pre Mix Retin a and Cream/lotion and Store It in a Bottle?

I have sensative skin (mild rosacea, prone to hives & contact dermatitis). i want to use retin a .25% but it seems to really irritate my skin. I... READ MORE

Will Retin-A Gel Fade a Natural Skin Tan?

I'm going on holiday soon and i was going to stop using the Retin-A gel for the duration of my holiday because i've heard it makes skin sensitive to... READ MORE

How to build up the strength of my skin? 45 y/o looking to thicken/strengthen skin, esp around eyes.

I feel like my skin is too delicate and sensitive and needs strength, maybe collagen. I've been told maybe Obagi .05 Retin-A & Obagi Blender FX... READ MORE

$200 down and I still have no answers about how to fix my damaged skin. It's transparent and unpigmented. Please help.

Used retin a generic on face yrs ago & it damaged the appearance of skin. 2 dermatologists said retin a doesn't cause permanent redness/ damage 2... READ MORE

I have VERY sensitive skin at 26 with forehead wrinkles and fine lines all over my face. Any suggestions?

I only use an organic argan oil twice a day as a moisturizer and considering to get an OTC retinol.. Is it harmful for my skin Help READ MORE

Very dry, sensitive, flaky skin a week in. Will it go?

I have mild acne rosacea (im 28) and was put on Treclin 1%/0.025% w/w gel, clindamycin 10 mg/g and tretinoin 0.25mg/g gel by my derma. Prior to this i... READ MORE

Paper thin skin/bad blood circulation. Is it okay to use Retina A at night?

I am a 17 year old girl. I have naturally very thin skin I know there are face cremes with vitamin A in them. would I be able to use a creme like that... READ MORE

Does long term use of Retin A micro 1% makes your skin more sensitive to sun than using a lower strength formula?

My pharmacist recomended i switched to a lower strength because my skin looks good. I've been using the 1% for years with no irritation however he... READ MORE

Can Retin a Be Used on Dehydrated Sensitive Skin?

I have dehydrated sensitive skin due to overcleansing in the past two years. I started retin a 0.05 cream a year ago and never tolerated the initial... READ MORE

Can I use AHA 10% and a vitamin c serum on a morning routine?

I'm 28 and very interested to stick with a really good skin care routine, I've been using Retin A 0.1 in the evening and AHA 10% in the morning. I've... READ MORE

Can use of clarisonic with a delicate head brush and use of avene retrinal 0.05% make skin very sensitive?

I'm 42 and have just flush and blush stage of rosacea well I was on a good and was looking for antiaging that's safe for rosacea well I seen a derm... READ MORE

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