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What is the Best Retiniod Lotion for Use on the Body? Rx and OTC?

I'm 30 and have been using Tretonin .1 and .05 on my face for several years with great results. I'm looking to for a body lotion with a... READ MORE

Can the Use of Retinoids Cause Skin Cells to Reach Hayflick's Limit?

My concern is that through the continued use of retinoids and the resulting stimulation of cell renewal, skin cells would eventually reach Hayflick's... READ MORE

Why does this derm say he does not prescribe retinoids?

He gives an example of patient complaining of more wrinkles under eye after retinoid use. In another video, he purports that retinoids can thin the... READ MORE

Degree of Improvement of Retin-A for pitted scars?

I know retinoids like Retin-A and Tazorac remodel collagen in the dermis, so if one uses them at a high strength for many years, can they eventually... READ MORE

Differin .3% gel vs Retin A Micro .08% gel pump, can I alternate?

I have very acne prone skin, but am using retinoids for anti aging benefits too. I am this week trying out Differin but I still have a bottle of Retin... READ MORE

Does facial redness from retinoid use ever subside?

I've been using adapalene gel 0.1% for 12 weeks now, and while it's improved my acne markedly, I'm not happy with how red it makes my face look. The... READ MORE

Does Advanced Retinoid 2% only help anti-aging?

I am 19 years old and I bought an advanced retinoid to help my skin. But when I searched about it I only came up with its benefit about anti aging.... READ MORE

Treatment for fine lines after Retinoid use? (photos)

Hello, About a year ago I was prescribed Tretinoin 0.1% cream for acne. My skin has acclimated and my acne is now gone. However, virtually ever since... READ MORE

Will wrinkles come back after I stop using retinoid cream? (Photo)

I started using a retinoid cream a month ago. After one week of use, deep horizontal lines formed in my forehead, so I started to apply a moisturizer... READ MORE

Contact dermatitis or skin cancer?

I have been using a retinoid for 2 years on my nose, one specific part of my nose actually. Whenever i went out in the sun i would get a blister form... READ MORE

Retinoid purge leaving indented scars. Any suggestions?

I started using 0.05% tretinoin nightly 5 weeks ago. The irritation and peeling are manageable but my acne has gotten worse. Before treatment I'd have... READ MORE

Can I use Retinoids together with Retinol Moisturizer?

Can I use my Retinoids (Adapalene 0,1% or 0,05% Tretinoin) together with a moisturizer which contains Retinol? Or is that too much and it's better to... READ MORE

Do scars get worse with age? I've started retinoid treatment for wrinkles too. Will this help?

When I was 22 I had an incident with the top coming off a blender with scalding soup in it. It left me with a serious burn on my chin that heeled... READ MORE

I want to start using either vitamin c serums, ahas, retinoids, bhas, but I'm afraid they will make my freckles disappear?

I love my freckles but want to start using exfoliants or important serums to make other problem some things go away. Will these products make my... READ MORE

Retinoids question; dosages & strength for acne & preventative anti-aging. How do all the different types/brands compare?

Ive been using Tretinoin Cream .1% for acne on my face & back, I also enjoy the anti aging properties. My skin doesn't get irritated by my current... READ MORE

What Are Topical Retinoids?

What exactly are topical retinoids? What differentiates them from other acne treatment creams? READ MORE

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