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Will Retin-A Make my Skin Worse Before It Gets Better?

Ive just started using Retin-A for acne and was wondering if it could cuz breakouts until Im used to using it. Ive heard about the possibitly of... READ MORE

How long does it normally take to see results from Retin-A? (Tretinoin)

I've been using the cream for about a month. It has helped a little bit, but I still have some acne and my hyperpigmentation. Also, I'm still peeling... READ MORE

Will Retin-A Get Rid of my Fine Lines?

Yes, I will be using Retin a for my fine lines. I have heard many different things. First, fine lines will dissapear, fine lines will be improved. I... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Use 0.1 Percent Retin-A As Anti-aging Treatment?

Hi, I just started using Retin-A 0.1% as an anti-aging treatment my skin feels fine--no burning, etc. On other sites they say, 0.025% Retin-A is... READ MORE

Could Retin- A .025% Be Too Weak for Me to See Results?

I've been using cream retin- A .025% for one month without presenting irritation or noticeable benefits. My skin's usually quite dry so I... READ MORE

Can I Use Retin-A in Conjunction with Sculptra

I plan to start a programme of sculptra in two weeks time. Can I use Retin A in conjunction with sculptra. If so should I wait until I see the effects... READ MORE

I'm using Retin-A 0.05 twice week but I didn't see result for my acne? Is this normal?

Hi there I'm using retinoed 0.05 twice week is going to be a 2nd month but I didn't see a good result for acne . My acne problem is still here plz... READ MORE

How long do Retin-A results last after you stop using the cream?

I have been using retin a for a for about 3 months and the skin on my face feels much smoother and tighter especially under my eyes. I have decided to... READ MORE

Is it beneficial to use retin a for more than six months?

I've been told that topical retin a should be used for six months to get maximum results in terms of younger looking skin. Does it help to use longer... READ MORE

How long after being on Retin-A Micro should I see results acne wise ?

I've been on retin a micro 4 % for approximately five months and it seems as though my acne has gotten worst.. Should I discountinue or keep going ? READ MORE

Retin A or Retinol? Which is the one that gives the better results?

Ive read alot about Retin A and retinol but i really want to know which of these product has the history of delivering the best results. I am 29 so... READ MORE

How Long Should I Continue Using Retin-A Before I Know Its Actually Working?

Hi. Ive been using Tretinoin .05% cream every night since the beginning of June. Its going on 7 weeks now and my skin is still broken out. Im... READ MORE

Does Retin A cause you to break out before you start seeing results? (photos)

My Derm put me on Retin A and it seems like I'm getting acne where I didn't have it originally. I'm getting it on my forehead and chin where it was... READ MORE

Will it affect the results of the retin-a micro if i use products with it or should i use it alone ?

Hi I've beenn using retin-a micro the (generic version) for almost 4 months I wanted to know when i could put my skincare products on before or after... READ MORE

When will I start noticing results from using Retin-A?

Hello, I am 17 years old and I have been struggling with acne for a few years now. When I first visited my dermatologist she prescribed a few mild... READ MORE

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