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Retin-A for PIH and Pimples on Bi-racial Skin?

Hello. I am bi-racial Black and White with a yellowish complexion. Up until this past year, I've never experienced anything more than a pimple here... READ MORE

22, Too Young to Start Preventing Wrinkles with Retin-a?

I am 22 and I am concerned about skin ageing since i spent alot of time in the sun without sun protection as a teen. That's why I want to start... READ MORE

I'm 22 and I'm Considering Using a Retinol Creme to Prevent Wrinkles. Is It Too Early?

I don't smoke and I lead a healthy lifestyle but I suffer from vitiligo. In my teens I had some light therapy under my eyes which makes me think that... READ MORE

Can I Prevent Aging COMPLETELY? Here is a list of things I do (Updated Question)

1. I use only medical skin care 2. Use cleansers and also cleansers that exfoliate 3. And use Retin A to exfoliate 4. Sunscreen SPF30 with Titanium... READ MORE

Beside Improving Fine Lines and Wrinkles.... Can Retin-A Prevent Their Appearance?

Can Retin-A prevent fine lines from become deeper? Can Retin-A prevent the formation of more lines an wrinkles? If so, to what extent? READ MORE

Is there a way to prevent or minimize the under eye bags/puffyness that occurs as we age?

Is it possible to prevent or minimize the under eye bags that form as we age. For example, can diet, excercise, retin A, sunscreen, etc slow down the... READ MORE

Can oily skin prevent the peeling from 0.1% Retin A?

I have oily skin on my face, slight less so on my chest. I have worked up to 0.1%. Retin A I wait at least 15 minutes after washing to apply and 15... READ MORE

Why is it recommended to wear sunscreen when using Retin-A on your face?

What happens if you don't use it? If you are only going outside for a few minutes (e.g. 5-10) when using Retin-A, is there a risk? Is it just to... READ MORE

Using tretinoin cream for acne: now my skin burns whenever I put on moisturizer/lotion. What do I do?

I started using the tretinoin cream for acne for a few days now (as prescribed by my dermatologist, I use it every day before bedtime) but I've... READ MORE

I want to stop using tretinoin - how to prevent get acne again?

I've read a lot of bad stuff on it and it making my skin red. So I want to gradually stop but it helps with acne a lot and I've stopped before and the... READ MORE

What cream can I use daily to prevent redness and irritation after using tretinoin 0.05℅? (Photo)

I am currently using a skin bleaching cream called Roshini it is comebined with Tretinoin 0.05℅, Desonide 0.05℅ and Hydroquinone 6℅ prescribed for m... READ MORE

I have breakouts with atralin. Will the breakouts ever stop?

I've been using atralin for about 3 months now. My dermatologist prescribed it for fine lines and prevention. I know you're skin takes a while to... READ MORE

Is using retin-a and glycolic acid too harsh on the skin?

I currently use 4% glycolic acid cream in the day and 8% glycolic acid night cream at night. I'm looking to add retina all over my face - 0.01% (... READ MORE

Am I supposed to be using Glycolic acid with the Retin-A 0.1%? (Photo)

I I've read or heard it says you should be using a Retin-A, glycolic acid moisturizer (day time) , vitamin c serum (day time), SPF and a night cream... READ MORE

Tretinoin treatment - wrinkle prevention.

Hi. I am a women, 29 years old and use tretinoin 0.05 % once a week to prevent wrinkles (I use it before bedtime). I have used tretinoin for three... READ MORE

Can 19 year old's use tretinoin cream?

Hey, Am 19 years old I have a perfecly clear skin with no issues, but can i use Tretinoin cream to prevent rinkles in the future ? READ MORE

I want to start preventing visible aging on my face.

Do retinol products (Retin-A) work, or is it more hype? Also, could I use Retin-A prescription while using Elidel for vitiligo? My instinct is that... READ MORE

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