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Retin-A and Hydroquione to Under Eyes Created Hollowness, Is It Permanent?

I made a bad decision to apply Retin A and Hydroquione to my under eyelids and I believe it caused some of the areas to hollow. I used it every other... READ MORE

Does Retinol 1.0 cream cause permanent damage?

I used a product per the advice from my dermatologist called Skin Medica, Retinol Complex 1.0 for sun damage spots and pre aging/wrinkles. I have used... READ MORE

OTC Retinol serum caused red bumps on my face!!! Should I still continue use? (photo)

I have been using a retinol serum from Sephora (murad-retinol youth renewal serum) about twice a week for a month but my skin is breaking out. In... READ MORE

Can Retin-A cause premature aging of skin? I'm a 22 year old that was using Retin-A on my face since March.

I recently started biking to work (withspf50) and upped the retinA from 0.025 to0.05 last month. A week ago I woke up to find the so called overnight... READ MORE

Will excessive drinking cause permanent wrinkles?

I am wondering if excessive drinking causes permanent wrinkles. I know that dehydration caused by drinking can enhance the appearance of wrinkles,... READ MORE

Tretinoin cream / Retin-A under eyes wrinkles?

I am using retin-a 0.01% , I followed the instructions but I think I made a mistake mixing it with my under eye cream, this is the second week of... READ MORE

Does Retin-A dry the skin permanently?

I know that Retin-A dries the skin a lot in the first few weeks, but does it make the skin dry always as long as you keep using it? READ MORE

I have oily, dry & sensitive skin. My doctor prescribed me tretinoin 0.025 cream; will it permanently harm my skin?

I need to know since I have combination skin , if it Will harm my skin forever. I havent used it yet but idk if I should. READ MORE

I started retin A in January for about 3-4 weeks, and my face is HORRIBLE! Can retin A permanently damage your face? (Photo)

I went to dermatologist after I started seeing my face so broken out which it has never done! I got the retin a for crows feet and to avoid botox. I... READ MORE

Will hypopigmentation (white spots) caused by retin-a, resolve?

I used tretinoin .025% for 3 months. I used it all over my face the entire time but for the last 3 weeks of use, I concentrated application on two... READ MORE

I see many women have experienced damaged skin from using Retina A.

Several said they now have huge pores and pock like indentations, and orange peel texture, when before using Retin A they had almost poreless skin. It... READ MORE

After finishing your Tretinoin 0.025 cream treatment, will you break out again or is it permanently fixed?

I'm afraid that after I finish my treatment all of my acne will come back. Is this true? Does the tretinoin continue working as if the cell's... READ MORE

Are RetA and Retin A the same? Is scarring and redness permanent after treatment? How long before results will be visible?

Plz suggest a good moisturiser. It's been 3 weeks since I have been using Ret A and there is little scarring and redness . Should I stop? Will the... READ MORE

Will my under eye skin recover and go back to how it was before or am I permanently damaged after using Medik8 retinol tr eye?

Please can you advise me? I am feeling very low. I used Medik8 Retinol tr eye serum 0.1 and after one application my under eye skin has a crepey/paper... READ MORE

Retin-A and semi-permanent lip tattoo?

I am planning on getting semi-permanent lip tattooing done. I have been using retin-A (retrieve 0.05%) for several years. How long do I need to... READ MORE

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