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How can I soothe my skin and undo the damage caused by Retin-A, which seems to be permanent at this point?

Used retin-a for 3 weeks, woke up on day 22 or so with the worst burning sensation I've ever felt in my face. Severely painful, severely red, and my... READ MORE

Is it normal that my skin is peeling, itchy, dry and burning? I just started using retin a 5 days ago.

I just started using retin a few days ago and I hate it this pain on my face is just the worst I honestly regret ever going to the doctor and getting... READ MORE

Retin A. Painful Cysts After 8 Months of Use. Should I Stop?

I have oily, sensitive skin prone to blackheads and the occasional cyst. I started at the lowest strenght 0.01%, and I had the worst breakout of my... READ MORE

I have been using Retin A for 2 1/2 months & my acne and hyperpigmentation has gotten worse. Should I stop using the product?

I am African American. I have been using Retin A for 2 and a half months and my acne has gotten worse. I now have painful and hard spots and the... READ MORE

Is it normal that my face is still breaking through after 9 months of treatment?

Hello, I've been using tretinoin (acretin) 0.05 for 7 months + antibiotic pills (for the first 3 months) then my doctor changed my treatment to... READ MORE

Painful pimples / Acne - should I go for Retin-A? If yes than which concentration should I go for and how to apply?

I am male - 30 with dry skin. have these painful pimples / acne sometimes filled with pus as well since last 10 yrs at least (I am supposing acne &... READ MORE

Why am I still getting pimples?

I am suffering from pimples from my teenage now i am 28years old , since 5 months i am having a treatment from a doctor and my pimples almost cleared... READ MORE

How do I use Tretinion 0.025?

Hello , I started using Rentin A about a year and a half ago .I use it every night before bed but lately I have gotten pimples that are very red &... READ MORE

Began RetinA 0.025 last month. Causing pain/soreness under skin? Will this go away? Is it normal to take so long to feel better?

So far no irritation, just a bit of dryness. Last week I began to feel some pain under one of my eyes. This pain isn't visible, everything looks... READ MORE

Is the Retin A causing these problems though im not actually applying it topically on the lip?

My lips are very sensitive and dry and paintful after applying retin A. i use retin A on my face but not on my lips. the closest it gets to the... READ MORE

Is Differin gentler than Retin-A Micro?

I tried Retin A-Micro cream 0.04% for a few closed comedones. After using a very thin layer on a few test patches for about 4 nights a week I began... READ MORE

is it okay to use Betnovate gm on the sensitive area caused by retin a and if not then which cream i should apply?

Hey, i have been using RETIN A 0.01% for past 4 days on my face and neck. And my neck has become very red and extremely sensitive. I am not even able... READ MORE

Why does this hyaluronic serum burn my face? (ingredients listed)

Hi, I've been using this serum (said to contain 50%+ of hyaluronic acid) for months. It always gives a slightest tingle to my skin but it lasts just a... READ MORE

What should I do if I get Retin-A (tretinoin) 0.025 in my eye?

A couple nights ago (2 I think) I had just put on my cream on after my shower and I had noticed a pain in my eye when it shifted (like blinking) so I... READ MORE

How to deal with tretinion accident? Burnt spot on chin.

I recently used tretinion .05 for five nights and went through hell three days later with pain. I now use it every 3 nights w/sunblock in AM 1. On my... READ MORE

Can I quit tretinoin after two weeks with no further breakouts?

Hello!! I started tertinoin for one week ago, its week two now. I use twice a week only, no redness, flackness etc but I got 3 painful acnes on my... READ MORE

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