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What Can I Do About Large Open Pores and Oily Skin?

Have been using retina for 6 mths at night time,and have been really happy with how my skin is improving.Had the usual side effects to begin with... READ MORE

Retin-A Effectiveness Differ by Brands?

Are there any brands of Retin-A better than others with regard to the effectiveness? READ MORE

Which is stronger: tretinoin 0.05% or 0.01%?

My dermatologist said the 0.01% is stronger but that doesn't make sense to me. READ MORE

Retin-A .1 Every Day Still Has No Effect, What Can I Do?

Hi. So, I use Retin A's strongest level pretty much every day. I have no peeling or irritation and wasn't sure if that meant that it was not... READ MORE

Retin A ruined my life, ate up facial fats, left me with blackheads & facial hair. Left side of face is hollow. Can it be fixed?

My Gp prescribed retinA o.05.I applied it to my face every night.4 months Later i notice a significant amount of fat loss but my Gp assured me that... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for orange peel skin texture and large pores?

I had acne as a teenager (now 32/female). I do not have any "ice pick" scarring. What I do have is slight "orange peel" texture, & the appearance of... READ MORE

Going on a Sunny Trip - Should I Discontinue Retin-A for Acne?

What to use instead of Retin-A in a 21/d sunny trip after 1/m using RetinA to prevent acne? I have been using a mixture of RetinA and Eldoquin for 1... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce my bumps and zits, redness, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I have been on Tretinoin for almost 3 months now and have seen absolutely no improvement whatsoever. My skin has only gotten much worse than it before... READ MORE

I have dark spots on my forehead, cheeks and chin. How can I get rid of them?

I am Indian living in Canada and have very dark spots on my forehead cheeks and chin I went through fraxel but the results were worst. I took care of... READ MORE

Can Retin-A and derma rolling help smooth out my deep stretch marks? (Photo)

I was placed on high dosages of prednisone as a result of my auto immune disease, now in remission I have deep marks all over my body, I wanted to... READ MORE

Severe Orange Peel and Weathering/skin Damage from .025 Retinol?

I used this retinal for 3 years and then had a severe reaction starting with what looked like tracks intersecting, then burning for several weeks on... READ MORE

Self tanning and tretinoin?

I've been using Tretinoin cream .05% for a couple weeks now and normally I tan throughout the winter to maintain my color.I came across Jergen's... READ MORE

How should I treat sun damage after using retin A?

I started using retin a 3 months back.. I've been using it on my face, neck and the back of my hands.. I apply sunscreen everyday but maybe my hands... READ MORE

Day 6 on tretinoin. What kind of oil/protection/sunscreen can I use to decrease this horrible "Frankenstein face"?

Please help me , I am 38 and started 0.1% 6 days ago. I feel like walking Frankenstein , struggling with a horrible redness, face rash and peeling ,... READ MORE

Old Stretchmarks. Can Retin-A gel work something out for me?

Ever since I was diagnosed with chicken pox at the age 17 , there was a rapid weight loss, which led stretchmarks. Had I taken care then, the marks... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for comedonal acne? Would Retin-A help?

I am suffering from comedonal acne on my cheeks and forehead. This is actually a recurrence of my mild acne after using grapeseed oil for 2 weeks... READ MORE

Lasting Ability of Hydroquinone results?

I am a 21 year old caucasian female with healthy, fair skin. My dermatologist recently started me on 4% Hydroquinone to use with my Retin-A, to fade... READ MORE

Retin A and vitamin C serum (Photo)

I'm am 59,inserted pic is me without any face makeup. I've been watching youtube videos on the results of using these 2 products combined.I love my... READ MORE

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