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Using .05% Retin A (Generic Brand) As an Anti-wrinkle Cream. Is It Normal For Lines To Increase After Usage?

I am 40 years old. People always tell me that I look 10 years younger. I had no acne or wrinkles. do have oily, acne prone skin thou. Started using ... READ MORE

Is getting oilier skin after using tretinoin normal?

I am now 23, and acnes came back few weeks ago, and I finally went to a dermatologist and he prescribed me tretinoin and some oral antibiotics, but I... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Not Have Any Sensitivity to Retin-A Cream?

I just started using 0.05% Trentoin cream and have not had any sensitivity to it at all. It has been 4 days and there is no burning, warmth,... READ MORE

How long do I leave retinol A on my face?

My face starts turning red and burns is that normal??? READ MORE

Should I keep using with Retin-A?

I have been using 0.05% retin-a a for 4 months now. I've always struggled with large pores and oily skin and a few breakouts here and there. I'm in my... READ MORE

Is Retin-A (0.1%) and Finacea (15%) the best choice for my acne? (Photo)

I've been using them for about a month. It has cleared up my face a little bit, but this is how it looks. The blurred out parts do not have any acne... READ MORE

Is it normal for your face to look raw the first month on Retin-A?

Prior to treatment I had dull, loose skin that always looked tired. I've been on retin-A for a month and now my face itches more than before and looks... READ MORE

Tretinoin for clogged pores. 5th day (Photo)

Hi, i'm using tretinoin .05% prescribed by my doctor and at the same time benzOyl peroxide facial wash. I have some clogged pores around my jaw and... READ MORE

Used Retin-A on my neck. Will this go away? (Photo)

I used Retin A on my neck. Now I'm burned really bad. Will this go away? Will my neck get back to normal? READ MORE

Is Retin-A being used right if it doesn't cause peeling or dryness?

My doctor prescribed me Isotrex 0.05; I use it every third evening, & apply it approximately 20-30 minutes after I've washed my face. I use a... READ MORE

Retin A - is This Crepey, Wrinkled Skin That's Appeared Around Eyes, Normal? (photo)

I'm 36 & always looked young for my age, but recently noticed fine lines under the surface of my whole face so.. I started using Tretinoin -... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of a Rash Caused by Trying to Remove Strech Marks Using Retina-A?

I've been using this for my stretch marks around my love handles. But now I have this really bad red rash occurring. Help? Is this normal? Will it... READ MORE

Is it normal to still get cystic acne after 4-5 weeks on Retin-A?

I used Benzoyl Peroxide every night for 2 years and it cleared up all my cystic acne, which only comes on my chin. However, 4 months ago, I started... READ MORE

Retin A week 5. Is it normal to be having breakouts?

I am on week 5 of starting tretinion. I am currently on my cycle and I am having a big breakout along my left jaw line & cheek area. I think I was... READ MORE

Redness from my underarm treatment what should i do - hydrquinone + retin a. (photos)

I started using the combination since 3 weeks the two creams came together ( hydroquinone ,retinoid , cold cream , local steroid and ascorbic acid all... READ MORE

Are burns like this normal from using Retin A 0.025? (Photo)

As my doctor has ordered I have been using Retin A .025% for about 2 weeks now and have a worse looking burn now in the places where its been applied... READ MORE

Used Cream Containing Retin-A & Hydroqui' 2%, Been Experiencing Abnormal Feelings for 6 Months After, Normal?

Cream was used around eyearea, above & below lips for 3/4 weeks, applying CAROLIGHT once each day,consistently. After 3/4 weeks skin started... READ MORE

Can you be allergic to Retin-A?

I recently started using retin a 0.5%, all was fine and just a slight burning/ irritation to the skin. I then moved onto a tretinoin 0.1% gel. Not... READ MORE

Retin A: Loss of firmness and huge pores on cheeks developed. Skin looks like an orange peel is this normal? Do I keep using it?

I have used Retin A 4 days now every other night applying pea sized amount. My pores on checks have gotten huge and skin elasticity feels compromised.... READ MORE

Can Tretinoin cream (0.025%) worsen acne scars or give you more scarring?

I used Tretinoin cream in moderation for the past couple of weeks and on some days my skin seemed really good, (if sometimes flaky for a while). But I... READ MORE

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