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Which Retin-A Tretinoin Would Be Best to Treat Fordyce Spots on my Penis?

I have fordyce spots on the shaft and foreskin of my penis. I have read online that tretinoin works in getting rid of fordyce spots. First off would... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation with Retin-A?

Hello, I'm a 23 year old male with small lips; my upper and lower lips are thin and lack volume. I want a slight, natural increase in my lip... READ MORE

Possible to Never See Any Benefit from Tretinoin?

I’m a 42 year-old male, started using Retin-A Micro Gel .04% four months ago, to combat fine facial wrinkles. I’m still not seeing any benefit, onl... READ MORE

Can Long Term Use of Retin-A Help Reduce Acne Scarring?

Hi, I was put on Accutane when I was 14 and it cleared up my acne. My scarring improved dramatically after many micro dermabrasion sessions.... READ MORE

How can Retin-A cause fat loss? I noticed a substantial amount from my cheeks, but I had no dietary of lifestyle changes (Photo)

Hi I took retina-a 0.05% in August 2013 for 3 months and after a few weeks of using it I noticed a substantial amount of fat had been lost from the... READ MORE

Can Retin A be used on the face to help skin appearance?

I am a 22 years old male, but after having acne around 5 years ago, there are some scars as well as a faint wrinkle on my forehead. Will retin A... READ MORE

Will Tretinoin improve the appearance of my 8 month old pitted, burn scar? (photo)

Hello doctors please tell me if tretinoin will improve this burnt scar which is 8 months old? it's kinda pitted so I was wondering if tretinoin will... READ MORE

Does the use of Retin A Micro 0.04% cause the skin to be shiny like plastic?

I am a 20-year-old male with acne who is considering using Retin A Micro. I have heard that it can make the skin look very shiny (almost like... READ MORE

How can I stop my face from breaking out?

I don't know if I'm a allergic to everything that I use i even used sensitive soap but my face breaks out into blisters and bumps. READ MORE

Can Desoximetasone cream be used on Retin-A treated skin?

I occasionally use Desoximetasone to treat skin irritation from razor burn, etc. I have recently started using Retin-A on my face. Is it ok to use... READ MORE

Using Retin-A Cream 0.1% on Abdomen to Increase Elasticity of Loose Skin/ Body?

Pt: 33 yo male in athletic shape, lost approx..40 lbs at the age of 18 (15 yrs ago) and I bas been able to keep the weight off. Appearance loose skin... READ MORE

Should Retin A Be Discontinued For A Male Planning To Have A Child?

Is it true that one needs to stop using Retin A for a period of 2 to 3 months if you're male and planning to have a child? I did read something... READ MORE

What is the specific cause of damage I've experienced from using Retin-A ? (photos)

Hi I'm 22, male. I've been using Retin-A for 4 months, using a pea sized amount for entire face twice a week for the 1st month and gradually moving up... READ MORE

Retin A for Anti Aging?

Hi , I'm 42 old male and just wanted to start the Retin A for anti aging , I wanted to know that as I have never used Retin A , at what strength... READ MORE

Caucasuan male with pale skin using Retin-A for underarm stretchmarks. Why is it turning them yellowish? (photo)

I am a Caucasian male with really pale Nordic type of skin, and I have been using Tretinoin USP (0,1%) for treating stretchmarks caused by gaining... READ MORE

Clearing Black Patches/Black marks left by Acne with Retin-A? (photos)

I have been having acne issue a lot off late. Have been taking lot of measure to avoid the same. Washing face thrice a day, changing pillow covers,... READ MORE

I get ingrown THICK Grey & Black hairs with infected pores along w/Whiteheads & blackheads. What recommendations would you give?

50 year old white male w/thick beard. Always had issues w/acne & ingrown hairs but was able to keep clear w/Salicylic Cleanser & Pads until... READ MORE

Tretinoin (0,5 daily) and outdoor activities (running) or tanning (for psoriasis)?

Hey, I'm 25yo guy, I started using tretinoin 0,5% daily 2 weeks ago (I was applying it every other night the first 2 weeks) and had almost no side... READ MORE

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