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Long Term Retin-A Use for Anti-Aging Effect?

Do plastic surgeons recommend the long term regular use of Retin-A for those who desire an anti-aging effect for facial skin? READ MORE

Are There Serious Consequences of Long Term Retin-A Use?

I'm 37 years old with an olive complexion just started to see the effects of aging with some fine lines, uneven tone and pigmentation. A Therapist... READ MORE

Will Wrinkles from Retin-A Improve over Time?

I've been using Retin-A 0.1% under the eyes & right up to the eyelashes (my dermatologist didn't advise otherwise) every 4th night for 3... READ MORE

I've Read That Using Retin-a in the Long Run (For over 20 Years) is Worse Than Not Having Used It at All?

As per my question, the place I read it is is here, and I can see they'd have a marketing incentive to sell their own retinol but is there any truth... READ MORE


Does Retin-A have any long term benefits? Reducing the chance of getting skin cancer etc? Also if I was to start using Retin A-aged 50 and stopped... READ MORE

What are the side effects from long term use of hydroquinone (7%) and Retin A?

Almost 20 years ago my cosmetic surgeon gave me a prescription for 7% hydroquinone and Retin A to get rid of acne scars. I loved the way it cleared up... READ MORE

Does Long Term Use of Retin-A Cause Rash?

I have been using Retin A for 6 months with excellent benefits and little side effects. But a month ago I developed redness around my smile lines and... READ MORE

Does long term use of Retin A micro 1% makes your skin more sensitive to sun than using a lower strength formula?

My pharmacist recomended i switched to a lower strength because my skin looks good. I've been using the 1% for years with no irritation however he... READ MORE

My face is burnt from 2 days of 0.1% tretinoin gel. Will there be any long term damage? (Photo)

I used 0.1% tretinoin gel for 2 days and stopped 2 days ago after my skin became so sore. As you will see from the photos it is bright red, raw, shiny... READ MORE

Long-term Retin-A for Anti-Aging: Rebound effect after stopping treatment

I have read that the anti-aging effects of topical tretinoin disappear after treatment is discontinued. However, I would like to clarify something: is... READ MORE

Long-term usage of Tretinoin 0.1% - is it okay?

I have been using Tretinoin 0.1% on my face for acne control for the past 5 years. Is this safe to do? Are there any long term side-effects that I... READ MORE

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