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Can I Use Product Containing AHA and BHA and Also Topical Vitamin C While on Isotretinoin?

Have been on isotretinoin for five months. ance almost clear but left with scars. READ MORE

If Retin-A isn't drying my face, does that mean it's not working?

I've been on retin-a for three weeks as a post-accutane maintenance plan (relieve hyperpigmination and left over comedones). However, I have hear from... READ MORE

Can I combine tretinoins ( retin-a) with isotretinoins and achieve good results?

Or must I not use them simultaneously? Heartfelt thanks for your help. READ MORE

Are there any major Retin-A side effects?

I know that Accutane and Retin-A are structurally similar. Do any of the horrible side effects of Accutane come with Retin-A? Also, are there any OTC... READ MORE

Will my acne get worse after continual of isotretinoin?

I had a very bad case of acne in year 2010. I used isotretinoin 20mg twice a day for two months . During the usage my acne flared up real bad . But it... READ MORE

Isotretinoin - Anti-Aging?

I am 22 y.o., and I got an Isotretinoin prescription. I don't have acne, but I decided to start using it because of its anti-aging benefits. My... READ MORE

I've been using Isotrex for 3 yrs, now it's unavailable in my area. I've decided to switch to Retin-A.

. i want to use it for the random outbreaks and post acne hyper pigmentation. i was wondering wether to use retin a cream or micro retin a gel READ MORE

Can I combine tretinoins ( retin-a) with isotretinoins safely?

I had a 6 month treatment with mini amounts of isotretinoin to treat rosacea 2 years ago, and it ended in a success. Lately I began using retin-a out... READ MORE

Is it safe to shave after isotretinoin? Will it cause scarring if I shave while using Retin A?

Is shaving my face safe after accutane Is it okay to shave when using Retina A Will either of these cause more scarring. Thank you in advance READ MORE

Will my skin ever fully heal? My concern is the quality of my skin and texture of my skin. (photos)

Is there anything to smoothen it? Just turned 21 & about 2 yrs ago, I started to get mild acne, which built up to moderate acne last yr. I've... READ MORE

Should I use Retin-A after Accutane?

Hey! I have finished my accutane course of 6 months only 5 days ago, and thankfully, my skin is very clear with no blackheads or whiteheads. However,... READ MORE

When can I start using Retin-A after using Isotretinoin?

I want to start Retin-a cream for glowing skin when can i start because i have been on isotretoin treatment? I live in a very hot and sunny climate... READ MORE

I've been on isotretinoin for 20 months, 20 mg a day and I'm about to donate a part of my liver, should I stop isotretinoin?

Most recent Liver Function Tests: Total bilirubin: 1.1 (normal: up to 1.2) AST: 25 (normal: up to 40) ALT: 42 (normal: up to 40) Is it dangerous on my... READ MORE

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