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Does Retin-A Make Indentations Worse?

I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews on the pros and cons of Retin A. I'm clear of acne but just dealing with scars and indented skin... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Cause Shallow Scarring?

I've started using retin a and im noticing what look like very shallow patchy indents, once my skin starts flaking off. can retin a cause... READ MORE

I have shallow indented scars left behind after my breakouts - Is my retin a giving me scars?

I have been using retin a .1 for almost three months. When I get a pimple it dries it out and speeds up the process of getting rid of it nicely but... READ MORE

Retin A causing scars.

Retin a is causing me scars that were never there before.. Can this happen or is it just making them more visible as its exfoliating my skin .. This... READ MORE

How long for small cortisone indent to heal/ fill? Will Retin-A help it fill faster? (Photo)

I had 0.01ml of kenacort 10a injected into a small under skin cystic pimple 2 weeks ago and it has left a small dark indent in my chin which appeared... READ MORE

Indents/pitted scars from tretinoin? Using 0.1Tretinoin since February 2016 on daily basis.

Recently I started noticing that I was getting more indents/pitted scars on my left cheek. from using 0.1 Tretinoin Gel. I love the way the tretinoin... READ MORE

Scab fell off prematurely, left an indent. What should I do?

I had a zit and I stupidly tried to pop it. It left a scab. I made sure to keep petroleum jelly on it. At night I put retin-A on it to help the skin.... READ MORE

Retinoid purge leaving indented scars. Any suggestions?

I started using 0.05% tretinoin nightly 5 weeks ago. The irritation and peeling are manageable but my acne has gotten worse. Before treatment I'd have... READ MORE

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