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How long does it normally take to see results from Retin-A? (Tretinoin)

I've been using the cream for about a month. It has helped a little bit, but I still have some acne and my hyperpigmentation. Also, I'm still peeling... READ MORE

How can I heal chemical burns from Retin-A?

My derm gave me the 0.1% retin-A (I was on 0.05% before). The 0.1% is irritating, I have a red rash (hundreds of tiny little bumps), thick dark scabs,... READ MORE

Prescription strength Retin-A has caused my face and neck to become significantly darker (hyper-pigmentation). Is this normal?

I have been using prescription strength Retin-A (0.1%) diligently for the past three weeks on a daily nightly basis. My face and neck have become... READ MORE

Can Retin a Cause Pigmentation?

I used retin a 1% on my chest and stomach to even out a few sun spots I had. I admit I over did it and did not follow the guidelines. I used it every... READ MORE

Retin-A for PIH and Pimples on Bi-racial Skin?

Hello. I am bi-racial Black and White with a yellowish complexion. Up until this past year, I've never experienced anything more than a pimple here... READ MORE

Can Retin A gel cause hyper pigmentation?

I have been using Retin A for about 3 weeks. Two days ago I noticed a darkening around my temple and cheek area on the right side of my face. The... READ MORE

I have purchased a Retinol lotion....50. Will it work to eliminate my hyperpigmentation?

Well, I purchased Bellevolve .50 Retinol Lotion from Makeup Artist's Choice & I starting to use this in conjunction with a fade peel ( they also sell... READ MORE

I have patches of sun spotting from my younger self's tanning days across my cheeks, will Retin-A lighten my tan skin? (photo)

I'm getting ready to start using Retin-A to correct my sun damage. I have gathered patches of sun spotting from my younger self's tanning days across... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce my bumps and zits, redness, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I have been on Tretinoin for almost 3 months now and have seen absolutely no improvement whatsoever. My skin has only gotten much worse than it before... READ MORE

Ochronosis vs Rebound Hyperpigmentation with Hydroquinone / Retinin A use? (photo)

I have been using Hydroquinone + Retinin A for less than a year now. Within the last week only, I noticed what looked like a hyperpigmentation of my... READ MORE

Can I mix azelaic acid 20% with tretinoin .05% and apply on the skin at night for the hyperpigmentation marks?

Actually I was prescribed to use Triglow cream that contains hydroquinone+tretinoin. I've used this for a while but now I'm scared of the potential... READ MORE

Can I Use Retinoids if I Am Prone to Broken Capillaries?

I am lost, I am 23 , I tend to have pimples that leave hyperpigmentation marks and I am concerned with premature aging . I would like to start retin-a... READ MORE

I am curious if Retina-A can cause hyperpigmentation to develop in an area with previous normal pigmentation.

I have been diagnosed with melasma on my cheeks. It responds to Tri-luma and was initially a warmer brown. The pigmentation in question is more of a... READ MORE

What could be the reason for this rash? Is it reversible? Should I stop using it, or maybe use it every other day? (Photo)

I'm using Tretinoin gel microspheres 0.04% The main use for it is to help even out my skin tone and clear my mild acne. My neck is much darker than my... READ MORE

Been using Retin A 3 times a weeks. And just recently my skin turned rough. Will it improve?

,,especially my forehead and my chin, some parts of cheeks appear to be smoother but irritated, with mild burning sensation. (Could it be cause I... READ MORE

What's your opinion on a Benzyol Peroxide (2.5%) & Retin-A Micro combination treament?

Your opinion on this regimen is appreciated: - Phase 1 - Acne Treatment (12 Weeks) 1) Face Wash + BP Gel (2.5%) + Retin A Micro 0.04% + Moisturizer... READ MORE

On my 13th week already, shall I abandon these medications? (photos)

At first two months, I apply Epiduo and Tretinoin every night, and a month ago, I practice having epiduo (morning) and tretinoin (night) applied every... READ MORE

Does clindamycin and Retina A work well on African American skin?

I'm using both products now and I'm experiencing cystic acne which is causing hyperpigmentation. I know it gets worse before it gets better. This is... READ MORE

Will tretinoin make acne scarring worse before it gets better?

Ive been on tretinoin .05 for maybe 3 to 4 weeks for hyperpigmentation. I dont have acne acne (despite 1 here and there around my period). Nor did i... READ MORE

When should I increase retin-a dose to every night?

I've been using 0.1 retin-a for about 2 weeks now every other night. I experienced redness, irritation, and peeling skin in the first week, but now I... READ MORE

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