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Retin-A Gel Vs Cream for Aging Skin?

I go to my dermatologist in 2 weeks. I have been using Tretinoin Cream (.05% Obagi) on my face to improve overall skin quality - texture, very fine... READ MORE

Can Retin-A (Tretinoin) 0.01 Gel Help w/ Wrinkles and Sunspots?

Ive just recently got the retin a o.o1 tretinoin gel for my acne scars but was wondering would it be possible to use this on my face as i have a few... READ MORE

Retin-A caused me to breakage out a lot please help!! (Photo)

About three weeks ago I started using a prescription retin-a gel(0,025 ,After I started using the retin-a, my skin began breaking out in my beard area... READ MORE

Can I Apply Retin-a Gel on My Nose?

I have some blackheads and white head on the 2 corner of my wondering if you can apply retin a on there? READ MORE

Is Retin-A Gel 0.01% the Same As Retin-A Cream 0.01%?

I am using Benzaclin gel in the morning as directed by my dermatologyst,and Retin-A cream 0.01% at night,but I insted got the gel. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Which is better, tretinoin gel or tretinoin cream? Which will give me the better results, not just momentarily but overall?

I'm looking to fight acne but I also read that it helps with fine lines and I'd like to know which one, the gel or cream will is best before I go... READ MORE

I just started tretinoin gel .01% approximately 3 days ago. Experiencing face redness and rash. Recommendations?

Please help me which moisturize/sunblock i can use to decrease that uncomfortable feeling. Along with tretionoin i used Neutrogena Healthy defense... READ MORE

Should I switch from Tretinoin cream to gel?

My doctor prescribed me Tretinoin gel, but when I went to the pharmacy, they were all out so they gave the cream. It took them a couple weeks to get... READ MORE

I am very sensitive to Retin-A, but I very much want to use it, or maybe Retinol?

I skipped days, etc. It was always the gel. I am now 61, w/ wrinkles & discoloration too. Any advice as to how I could use Retin-A? I'm also... READ MORE

SPF protection requirements whilst using Retin A, and facial oil issue.

I would like to know what SPF factor is required when using 0.025 Retin A. I live in the UK which is temperate, though in summer can warm up. Does... READ MORE

Can the regular use of Retin-A cause irritation to my skin?

Future irritaiton of Using tretinoin Every Night I just start to use retino-a micro gel 0.04%. It really quick absorb on my face without any... READ MORE

Retin-A (Trentinoin) 0.025% Gel Around Eyes - Now I Have Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Thin Skin. Any suggestions? (photo)

My dermatologist did not warn me about using this med when he prescribed it for the very fine wrinkles under my eyes and the crow's feet, which were... READ MORE

What cream or gel can I use to get remedy from acne spots and scars?

I am suffering from acne for many years.Now the number of acne is so less and sometimes it is seen in bigger size but very often.The main problem is... READ MORE

I've been using Isotrex for 3 yrs, now it's unavailable in my area. I've decided to switch to Retin-A.

. i want to use it for the random outbreaks and post acne hyper pigmentation. i was wondering wether to use retin a cream or micro retin a gel READ MORE

Can retin-a micro gel help with oily, rough skin with odd seb derm issues and most importantly telangiectasia on the nose?

I'm a male with ongoing skin issues on my face. My skin is oily, large pores, not smooth, can get red but worst of all my nose is often red with... READ MORE

I was wondering when the A RET will stop burning me and giving me patches?

I have been using the gel 0.1% for a week and two days and I started noticing discoloration on my face I also feel discomfort every time I apply... READ MORE

Acne scarring after using Tretinoin in gel form? (Photo)

I just started using tretinoin 0,025 in gel form, 30% alcohol. after 1 week, medium sized acne start to come out after 2-4 days, like 80% of them... READ MORE

I have whiteheads on my neck can I use tretinoin 0.05% to treat them?

I use tretinoin 0.05% for removing whiteheads from my nose My doctor said me apply this gel cream only for 2 min first day and you can increase time... READ MORE

What is the best brand of Retin-A gel to use?

I have come across A-Ret tretinoin gels and others but not sure which to purchase READ MORE

Tazorac - can it make me break out more?

I have been on retin a and duac gel for years and my skin was great. I recently start d to get big cysts on my chin. So I started on tazorac. My skin... READ MORE

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