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Can Retin-A Thin the Skin?

Hi. I have been using Retin-A for almost one year now, with the hope it would help with my uneven skin tone and blemishes. I heard Retin-A thins the... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Help with Indented Scar?

My daughter walked into a tree branch and scraped her forehead. The scratch was not deep or wide. I put Mupirocin on it. My concern now is that she... READ MORE

Retin A in summer, alternating with Hydroquinone 4%. Can I use them at the same time?

Do you advise continuing using Retin A in the summer months, even if I don't stay out in the sun , sunbathing, and wear a good zinc oxide sunscreen?... READ MORE

I'm looking for an over the counter retinol product for fine lines around eyes and on forehead.

I would like to find something to treat the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead. I've read that retinol products are best for this. I know... READ MORE

Retin A - difficult to tolerate. Any suggestions?

I was prescribed Retin A a year ago after using glycolic acid for years with great results. I use Retin A as directed, a pea size amount or less. I... READ MORE

Can Retin A be used on the face to help skin appearance?

I am a 22 years old male, but after having acne around 5 years ago, there are some scars as well as a faint wrinkle on my forehead. Will retin A... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for comedonal acne? Would Retin-A help?

I am suffering from comedonal acne on my cheeks and forehead. This is actually a recurrence of my mild acne after using grapeseed oil for 2 weeks... READ MORE

Can I use Retin A on just my forehead and chin?

I only have acne on my forehead and chin and was prescribed retin-A. Is it ok if I dont use it on the whole face. Also,which hair removal method is... READ MORE

Can I use Retin-A cream with LOreal White perfect tourmaline night cream?

Ive been suffering from blemish and acne on my forehead and cheeks since last week along with visible darkening.I've been using an abounding load of... READ MORE

Retinol Vitamin A effects on skin and hair?

I've heard that products containing Retinol Vitamin A work well in getting rid of forehead wrinkles since they promote the sloughing off of dead skin... READ MORE

Just turned 32 & began Retin-A for the first time in my life. Is it too late to make any real difference at my age?

Just began .1% daily & have tolerated it well (no redness or irritation). Over the past year I've developed two visible forehead wrinkles. Nothing too... READ MORE

I have VERY sensitive skin at 26 with forehead wrinkles and fine lines all over my face. Any suggestions?

I only use an organic argan oil twice a day as a moisturizer and considering to get an OTC retinol.. Is it harmful for my skin Help READ MORE

Should I continue using retinol A & a brightening complex, even if this irritates my skin & I ended up with more dark spots?

I started using a brightening complex twice daily & retinol A 0.5% 2xper week for dark spots & melasma 3 months ago. I have very sensitive skin &... READ MORE

Been using Retin A 3 times a weeks. And just recently my skin turned rough. Will it improve?

,,especially my forehead and my chin, some parts of cheeks appear to be smoother but irritated, with mild burning sensation. (Could it be cause I... READ MORE

Retin A week 5. Is it normal to be having breakouts?

I am on week 5 of starting tretinion. I am currently on my cycle and I am having a big breakout along my left jaw line & cheek area. I think I was... READ MORE

Will wrinkles come back after I stop using retinoid cream? (Photo)

I started using a retinoid cream a month ago. After one week of use, deep horizontal lines formed in my forehead, so I started to apply a moisturizer... READ MORE

Is Retin-a Causing Broken Blood Vessels on Forehead?

Im finding conflicting information. I used hydroquinone cream & retin-a for brown spots. Brown spots faded but Im left w/ noticable broken blood... READ MORE

Forehead rash from Retin A? (Photo)

I ran out of retin a gel and decided to buy a prescription from a Canadian pharmacy. I developed a rash which burned and itched. I immediately stopped... READ MORE

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