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Will Retin-A Get Rid of my Fine Lines?

Yes, I will be using Retin a for my fine lines. I have heard many different things. First, fine lines will dissapear, fine lines will be improved. I... READ MORE

Dark spots on my cheeks, uneven skin tone, fine lines & obvious pores. Is Tretinoin enough or do I also need Tri-luma? (Photo)

Picture shows the concentration of dark spots (side that is exposed to sun mostly whilst driving). Notice too the fine lines by my lips/mouth. I use... READ MORE

Does Retin-A stop working over time?

I am 52. I used Retin-A for 10 year and the crepe-y skin ( cross-hatching of fine lines and thinning of the skin) under my eyes disappeared. Then it... READ MORE

I'm looking for an over the counter retinol product for fine lines around eyes and on forehead.

I would like to find something to treat the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead. I've read that retinol products are best for this. I know... READ MORE

Retin-A and Summertime...How do I reconcile the two? (photo)

I am starting to see fine lines around my eyes and nasolabial folds are kicking in. So I began using Retin-a early this month (Dec 2014). Every summer... READ MORE

What are the different uses for Retin-A Micro VS. Retin-A cream 0.025%?

What is the difference between Retin-A cream 0.025% and Retin-A Micro 0.04%? I have both and have used them for acne at different times but now I'd... READ MORE

Beside Improving Fine Lines and Wrinkles.... Can Retin-A Prevent Their Appearance?

Can Retin-A prevent fine lines from become deeper? Can Retin-A prevent the formation of more lines an wrinkles? If so, to what extent? READ MORE

30-fine lines and wrinkles around mouth and cheeks? Sun damage from increased sensitivity on Retin-A, facial exercises? (Photo)

I stopped RetinA(after approx 1yr) in May, in June went on a vacation full of sun. I use spf 30+ Everyday. Within a few weeks after this trip I... READ MORE

I have VERY sensitive skin at 26 with forehead wrinkles and fine lines all over my face. Any suggestions?

I only use an organic argan oil twice a day as a moisturizer and considering to get an OTC retinol.. Is it harmful for my skin Help READ MORE

Can I still use my clarisonic face brush while using Retin-A?

I recently started using Retin-A every other night and wanted to know if I can still use my clarisonic face brush at night as well? I only use a... READ MORE

How to build up the strength of my skin? 45 y/o looking to thicken/strengthen skin, esp around eyes.

I feel like my skin is too delicate and sensitive and needs strength, maybe collagen. I've been told maybe Obagi .05 Retin-A & Obagi Blender FX... READ MORE

I have good skin but I am concerned about the fine lines under my eyes. Unsure of which treatment is best suited for me (Photo)

I am 30 years old and the fine lines under my eyes have become more prominent (especially with makeup). I have overwhelmed myself with the amount of... READ MORE

Which is better, tretinoin gel or tretinoin cream? Which will give me the better results, not just momentarily but overall?

I'm looking to fight acne but I also read that it helps with fine lines and I'd like to know which one, the gel or cream will is best before I go... READ MORE

How long does it typically take the skin under the eyes to adjust to Retin-A? (Photos)

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now to help even out the texture of my skin, reduce fine lines, and prevent the signs of aging. The rest of my... READ MORE

Types of Retin A?

My dermatologist gave me a prescription for Retin A .1% gel microspheres. It is almost 2 times the cost of the no microshere type, is there a... READ MORE

Just Started Retin-A a Couple Weeks Ago, Has Made my Skin Dry and Fine Lines Worse. Will It Get Better?

Like the question says, I have just started using Tretinoin, .1% strength. for the last couple weeks now, and it has left my skin, dry, scaly, and... READ MORE

Retin- a Used for a Year...need Some Advice Please on How How Often to Use It Now?

II've used retin a for over one year ( sun damage, acne, scarring and fine lines) i started off for 4 months on a 0.01% then a 0.25% (gels) now i use... READ MORE

Treatment for fine lines after Retinoid use? (photos)

Hello, About a year ago I was prescribed Tretinoin 0.1% cream for acne. My skin has acclimated and my acne is now gone. However, virtually ever since... READ MORE

Why after 6 months of retin A usage are the fine lines around my mouth and eyes suddenly way more defined?

I am 41 year old female with very oily skin. I have been using retin a for 6 months and my skin tolerates very well. ( never had any peeling or... READ MORE

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