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Long Term Retin-A Use for Anti-Aging Effect?

Do plastic surgeons recommend the long term regular use of Retin-A for those who desire an anti-aging effect for facial skin? READ MORE

Can Retin-A Stop Working Once Skin Has Developed a Tolerance to It?

I am 47, female, fair skin. I feel like I blew it back in 1984 when I was just 20 y.o. & first got a prescription of tretinoin for acne. MDs... READ MORE

Side Effects of Retin A Reversible or Permanent? Please Help!

I used Retin a 0.1% everyday for 2 weeks now and to say the least it has been a nightmare.I have developed severe acne, dark circles, red eyes,... READ MORE

Prescription strength Retin-A has caused my face and neck to become significantly darker (hyper-pigmentation). Is this normal?

I have been using prescription strength Retin-A (0.1%) diligently for the past three weeks on a daily nightly basis. My face and neck have become... READ MORE

If I MUST Go into the Sun, How Long Should One Stop Using Retin-A Beforehand?

I am due to head out to Southern Africa at the height of their summer in 2011 and I will do my best to stay out of direct sunlight and wear... READ MORE

Will Using Retin-A Lighten a Skin Tan?

If I have a tan and am using Retin-A. Will it make my tan fade away quicker than normal? READ MORE

Retin-A for PIH and Pimples on Bi-racial Skin?

Hello. I am bi-racial Black and White with a yellowish complexion. Up until this past year, I've never experienced anything more than a pimple here... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use AHA 8% Gel and BHA 2% Liquid at the Same Time?

I use 8%AHA twice a week at night and 2% BHA 5 nights a week to help keep my skin clear. I am 42 y/o female with fair and sensitive skin with... READ MORE

Cetaphil- Restoraderm- Why is my Face Burning Red?

Ive been having problems with retin a and decided to stop. I applied the "recommended" cetaphil restoraderm on today to have the dry... READ MORE

Retin-A and Botox Safe After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty at the end of August this year and would like to start using Retin-A cream on my face, and also have Botox for upper face and crows... READ MORE

Can I Still Use Retin a and/or Glycolic Acid if I Am Getting Laser Hair Removal on my Face Every Four Weeks?

Can I Still Use Retin a or Glycolic Acid if I Am Getting Laser Hair Removal on my Face Every Four Weeks? I have also heard that it is ineffective... READ MORE

Chemical Peels and Retin-A to Get Rid of Freckles?

I have freckles on my face and recently went to a dermatologist who recommended the following treatments: Aclaro PD morning and night, along with... READ MORE

Obagi, Retin-A and Facial Plastic Surgery?

I am scheduled for face, neck and eyelids surgery next Wednesday, February 10. Is it advisable to do the Obagi skin care program with Retin-A before... READ MORE

Is it okay to use a face oil (such as squalane) after using tretinoin (Retin-A)?

I started using prescription tretinoin (Retin-A) at night for acne and hopefully anti-aging effects. I read that it is acceptable to use a moisturizer... READ MORE

How can I soothe my skin and undo the damage caused by Retin-A, which seems to be permanent at this point?

Used retin-a for 3 weeks, woke up on day 22 or so with the worst burning sensation I've ever felt in my face. Severely painful, severely red, and my... READ MORE

Will Using Retin a for Acne Make Facial Spider Veins Worse or More Prominent

Will Using Retin a for Acne Make Facial Spider Veins Worse or More Prominent READ MORE

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