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Retin-A Effectiveness Differ by Brands?

Are there any brands of Retin-A better than others with regard to the effectiveness? READ MORE

My Derm Prescribed Me Tretinoin .1% Cream, but I Have Retin a Micro .04% Gel, is There a Difference?

Can I use micro gel .04 instead of tretinoin cream .1%, is there any difference. READ MORE

Is It Wise to Store Retin-A in the Refrigerator when It is Very Hot Outside and in the House?

I store my Retin-A cream in the refrigerator (at 42 to 43 °F) in the hot (80+ °F) sommer months. Is it ok to do so or will it damage the... READ MORE

Does Using Retin-A Reduce the Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills?

I am on birth control pills but my pimples still keep appearing. I want to try using Retin-A since when I used it before (without the pills), it... READ MORE

I Am Not Peeling from Retinoic Acid, Will There Still Be an Effect?

Hello doctors! particularly dermatologists :) Well, my skin is a normal type i just really want to even my skin out and reduce some papules one derma... READ MORE

Tretinoin, Can I Use an Oil Free Moisturizer AFTER Medication is Thoroughly Absorbed?

I have heard that the doage in tretinoin makes little to no difference in effectiveness, just added irritation the higher the dose. Is this... READ MORE

Retin-A Storage?

Hi there, I would like to ask if it's ok to store Retin-A gel in the fridge? I opened my new tube and noticed it has changed the colour from yellow to... READ MORE

Does Retin a Cause Scars and Pits in the Face ?

I have been on retin-a for a week now but heard from many people in acne forums that retin-a causes new scars (pits) to form in the face and make the... READ MORE

Retin-a % Difference?

I'm using .025% for the last 4 months for acne. I'm not as clear as I want to be. I want to move up to .05% or .1%. Will this work better? READ MORE

Will using the dapsone (Aczone) decrease the effectiveness of my tretinoin 0.05% cream(Retin-A) if both are used nightly?(photo)

Just curious- I've heard various topical products should not be used together for a variety of reasons... usually due to increased irritation.... READ MORE

Does 10% Retinol weeks prior to microneedling increase the effectiveness of microneedling?

I'm getting microneedling done in 4 weeks and my aesthetician recommended that I use 10% Retinol on my skin for the month prior to the treatment to... READ MORE

Impact of Moisturizer on Effectiveness of Hydroquinone and Retin-A Micro?

Does applying a thick moisturizer such as Hydrolatum over an application of Hydroquinone 4% and Retin-A Micro .04% impact the effectiveness of the... READ MORE

Retin-A Effectiveness While Shaving and Is it Okay To Combine Retin-A and Facials?

Hi. I'm 42 years old/male and started using Retin-A a week ago. I don't have any major problems with it, only a bit of flaking and redness which... READ MORE

Does Salicylic Acid Breakdown Retin-A?

Currently use retin-a .1% at night after wash with Cerave hydrating face wash. Recently decided to incorporate a moisturizer into my current regimen.... READ MORE

Mixing Retin-A with Water--OK to Do?

I wet my face before applying Retin A because it goes on smoothly and evenly and I only need to use a pea size amount to cover the whole face? If I... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Tretinoin Gel to Shed of when I Apply Moisturizer?

After washing my face at night, I wait 20 minutes before applying my Tretinoin Gel, then I wait another 30 minutes to apply a moisturizer. Some of the... READ MORE

Retin-A Not Working. WHY?

I used Retin-A last summer and it worked great. Face went from drab to dazzling in a matter of 2 wks. I experienced little peeling... I then took a... READ MORE

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