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Does Retinol still work even with irritation present? (Photo)

Updated with a photo and more info. I use prescribed Retinol 0.1% every 2nd or 3rd night. Very often I have extreme redness , itchiness and some... READ MORE

Retin a - Eyes? (photo)

Hi, I have just turned 35 and am keen to start using Retin A. My skin is in good condition, but I have a couple of laughter lines under both eyes that... READ MORE

Retin-A .1 Every Day Still Has No Effect, What Can I Do?

Hi. So, I use Retin A's strongest level pretty much every day. I have no peeling or irritation and wasn't sure if that meant that it was not... READ MORE

Does Retin-A stop working over time?

I am 52. I used Retin-A for 10 year and the crepe-y skin ( cross-hatching of fine lines and thinning of the skin) under my eyes disappeared. Then it... READ MORE

Retin a on Asian Skin?

Will retin a work for me if I have southeast asian skin? ( light brown ) I'm battling moderate acne and some acne marks and scars. READ MORE

Does Using Retin a for Sagging Under Eye Reduces It? I'm 20.

My dermatologists suggested me to go with antiblemish.i m using from past 4 days.No good results.please help me in telling about retin a. thank you!:) READ MORE

Does Retin A or Anything Topical Work for Stretch Marks?

Can Retin A be used for areas other than face, neck, and chest for wrinkles and stretch marks? READ MORE

Is Retin-A for Me?

Ive used proactiv for two years and all its done is made my skin super oily unless i continually use it. im sixteen so i have fairly oily skin but the... READ MORE

Seeking best, preferably non-invasive treatment for wrinkles and under eye bags. Is Retinol .025 cream safe for eyes? (Photo)

I am a side-sleeper in my early 30's. Sleep lines and bags began forming 5 years ago. Have used tretinoin .025% for acne. Can it smooth and control... READ MORE

Does It Clear Up Scars?

I have scar on my chin from picking at pimples when i was younger. i would like my face to be smoother. READ MORE

Retin A overall effectiveness?

Does Retin A only work where it's applied or does its effects (meaning its collagen production) spread? So if I use it on my cheeks, will its effects... READ MORE

Retin-A Medication?

Can Retin-A help with body acne on your chest & back? READ MORE

Are Retinol Serums Effective on Upper Eyelids to Improve Loose Skin and Wrinkles?

Most products with retinol in them say to avoid the eye area yet that is the area I most want to address, particularly my upper lids. Is this just a... READ MORE

Will retin-a and a derma roller over prolonged use, diminish a stretch mark that is 6 months old to 75% or better?

Will retin-a and a derma roller over prolonged use, diminish a stretch mark that is 6 months old to 75% or better? READ MORE

Can Retin A or Other Retinol Creams Firm the Skin?

I have heard many people say Retinol creams can reduce fine lines, and even out skin tone, and many other articles include slightly firmer skin as an... READ MORE

Is Retin A (Retin-A Micro aka Tretinoin) still effective if used every other night, instead of every single night? (photo)

I have been taking Retin-A for 30 days. I wait 30 minutes after washing and then apply it, then moisturizer on top. Side effects are mild but my face... READ MORE

Using Retin-A Cream 0.1% on Abdomen to Increase Elasticity of Loose Skin/ Body?

Pt: 33 yo male in athletic shape, lost approx..40 lbs at the age of 18 (15 yrs ago) and I bas been able to keep the weight off. Appearance loose skin... READ MORE

Can Vitamin A (Retinol) Be Used on a New Chicken Pox Scar?

Good day! My daughter had chicken pox about 4 weeks ago, and was left with some shallow scars on my face. Even if the scans have fallen for more than... READ MORE

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