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Should I Start with the Lowest Dose of Retin A if I Have Never Used It Before?

Which percentage is the lowest dose of Retin A? 0.25, 0.05,or .1? READ MORE

What is the Maintenance Dose for Retin A? I Have Been on It for Four Months and LOVE my Face!

I have been using Retin A .1% cream every night for four months. I tolerated all the peeling and redness and no long experience any of that. I just... READ MORE

Could Retin- A .025% Be Too Weak for Me to See Results?

I've been using cream retin- A .025% for one month without presenting irritation or noticeable benefits. My skin's usually quite dry so I... READ MORE

Tretinoin, Can I Use an Oil Free Moisturizer AFTER Medication is Thoroughly Absorbed?

I have heard that the doage in tretinoin makes little to no difference in effectiveness, just added irritation the higher the dose. Is this... READ MORE

Result if I Lessen the DOSE of my Retin A Use for Wrinkles?

I am using retin-a for wrinkles So far, after 4 months of NIGHTLY use, I have had amazing results without issue. My preference is now lower the dose... READ MORE

Is Tretin X the same as Retin A?

My doctor remove me from the generic 0.1% to the brand tretin x 0.075%. You think this medicaiton tretin is good ? The first ime im going to used it .... READ MORE

Maintenance Dose of Retin A After 6 Months?

I have used retin a every day for the past 6 months, then times a week for another 2..can i go down to one time a week and maintain my results or even... READ MORE

If Retin-A isn't drying my face, does that mean it's not working?

I've been on retin-a for three weeks as a post-accutane maintenance plan (relieve hyperpigmination and left over comedones). However, I have hear from... READ MORE

When should I change my tretinol dosage?

I have been using tretinol for about a month now. I am using (.025%) and was wondering in what time would I need to change it to a higher dosage?... READ MORE

Which is better, tretinoin gel or tretinoin cream? Which will give me the better results, not just momentarily but overall?

I'm looking to fight acne but I also read that it helps with fine lines and I'd like to know which one, the gel or cream will is best before I go... READ MORE

Retin a from a 0.01 to a 0.25?

Ive been using a 0.01 % gel for four months which worked ok with no adverse reaction. My doc has now changed it to the 0.025 % and my face and neck... READ MORE

When should I increase retin-a dose to every night?

I've been using 0.1 retin-a for about 2 weeks now every other night. I experienced redness, irritation, and peeling skin in the first week, but now I... READ MORE

Currently using Tretinoin cream 0.05% but I don't see any side effects/ improvement, should I move up to a higher dosage?(photo)

I've been doing my research & I came to realize there are 3 strengths of tretinoin cream, 0.025, 0.05 and 0.01. I'm currently using 0.05 but I... READ MORE

Should I discontinue Retin A cream 0.05%?

I have been using retin a for my tiny numerous pimples,I had only one side effect which was an increase in my pimples then after a few weeks of using... READ MORE

What is the best Retin-A cream to use? (Photo)

I am 25 years old, and I am worried my skin is starting to sag. I read that retin-A cream helps in collagen restoration. But I have also read how it... READ MORE

What is the minimum weekly dosage of Retin A to see results?

I have been using Retin A at the lowest percentage for a few years. My skin still gets red, irritated, flaky despite using it every other day and... READ MORE

Retinoids question; dosages & strength for acne & preventative anti-aging. How do all the different types/brands compare?

Ive been using Tretinoin Cream .1% for acne on my face & back, I also enjoy the anti aging properties. My skin doesn't get irritated by my current... READ MORE

Been on retin a .05% and I'm not sure what to think. Wondering if it is going to work or not.

On retin a for 2+ months now. Noticing more breakouts in places I am not typically prone. (Cheeks, forehead) was having some hormonal acne and... READ MORE

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