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Prescription strength Retin-A has caused my face and neck to become significantly darker (hyper-pigmentation). Is this normal?

I have been using prescription strength Retin-A (0.1%) diligently for the past three weeks on a daily nightly basis. My face and neck have become... READ MORE

Retin-A For Dark Skin Near Genital Area

Hello doctor i have blackened skin around my genital area , is retina a really effective on that? i have been using this cream over 10 days .my name... READ MORE

Will applying Retin A reduce the darkness of my lips?

I have always had lips with dark edges. Recently, they seem to have become darker! I am 28, and do not smoke. I use sunscreen regularly. I have very... READ MORE

I rubbed my skin so hard with water & tissue after Retin-A. My skin is red & burning. What treatment would you recommend?(photo)

Good day! I've been using Retin A gel for about 2 weeks. I rubbed my peeling skin so hard with tissue and water. its on the upper lip under my... READ MORE

Should Retin A (Or Any Other Retinoid) Be Applied in a Dark Room?

Doctors keep saying that Retin A (or Renova, or Atralin, or any other type or retinoid) should be applied at night because a) it makes the skin... READ MORE

I applied tretinion cream on my chin area and now its look like a burned. Its a dark black in color after peeling. (photo)

I applied too much tretinion cream u.s.p 0.025 o/o on my chin area and after peeling its colour is dark black its look like a burned please help what... READ MORE

Does Retin A have to be applied in the dark?

I've read that retin a is deactivated by light so does it mean only sunlight or all types of light? And so does one need to apply it in the dark.. READ MORE

How to improve the discoloration and hyperpigmentation when using Retin-A 0.05%

I have been using Retin a 0.05% for more than a month and recently my skins appear to have some melasma and redness like the result of sunburn... READ MORE

Can I use Retin a (Tretinoin) for my very dark underarms? (Photos)

My am India. The skin has kind of thick layer like consistency, looks disgusting. I have had this for as long as I can remember and I am sickened by... READ MORE

Do I need to apply tretinoin cream in the dark?

Do I need to apply it in the dark or can i wash my face, wait 15-20 mins, apply tretinoin and then walk around the house with lights on. How soon can... READ MORE

I have dark under arms with stretch marks. Is ok to do electrolysis on Retin-A skin?

I used hair removal creams when I was a teenager I have dark underarms I used steroid product xtreme brite when my friend recommended it but it left... READ MORE

Darkening around lips after using Retina-A-Micro.

Hi, I've been using Retina-A-Micro 0.08% for a couple of weeks and initially it was good but since four days the skin around my lips started turning... READ MORE

What cream can I use daily to prevent redness and irritation after using tretinoin 0.05℅? (Photo)

I am currently using a skin bleaching cream called Roshini it is comebined with Tretinoin 0.05℅, Desonide 0.05℅ and Hydroquinone 6℅ prescribed for m... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark fat creases on stomach.

I have 'fat creases' (3 separate lines)on my stomach that make me very insecure, I know how they probably came about, from bad posture, weight gain,... READ MORE

Can I use Retin-A for this?

I recently used a chemical peel for 2wks now for my dark knuckles and the dead skin is on top of it but it is not peeling.Can i use retinA to peel off... READ MORE

Extra things for tear trough area? Will Retin-A help? (photos)

I had tear trough fillers done two weeks ago. Whilst the results (the photos are after the fillers) are slightly pleasing the area is still dark and I... READ MORE

Experiencing dark and flaky skin upon using retinoid 2% serum for 3 days. Is this normal?

I used retinoid 2% serum for 3 days in a row (purchased from The Abnormal Beauty Company), and I noticed my skin getting darker in various areas on my... READ MORE

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