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Prescription strength Retin-A has caused my face and neck to become significantly darker (hyper-pigmentation). Is this normal?

I have been using prescription strength Retin-A (0.1%) diligently for the past three weeks on a daily nightly basis. My face and neck have become... READ MORE

Retin-A For Dark Skin Near Genital Area

Hello doctor i have blackened skin around my genital area , is retina a really effective on that? i have been using this cream over 10 days .my name... READ MORE

Will applying Retin A reduce the darkness of my lips?

I have always had lips with dark edges. Recently, they seem to have become darker! I am 28, and do not smoke. I use sunscreen regularly. I have very... READ MORE

I rubbed my skin so hard with water & tissue after Retin-A. My skin is red & burning. What treatment would you recommend?(photo)

Good day! I've been using Retin A gel for about 2 weeks. I rubbed my peeling skin so hard with tissue and water. its on the upper lip under my... READ MORE

Should Retin A (Or Any Other Retinoid) Be Applied in a Dark Room?

Doctors keep saying that Retin A (or Renova, or Atralin, or any other type or retinoid) should be applied at night because a) it makes the skin... READ MORE

I applied tretinion cream on my chin area and now its look like a burned. Its a dark black in color after peeling. (photo)

I applied too much tretinion cream u.s.p 0.025 o/o on my chin area and after peeling its colour is dark black its look like a burned please help what... READ MORE

Does Retin A have to be applied in the dark?

I've read that retin a is deactivated by light so does it mean only sunlight or all types of light? And so does one need to apply it in the dark.. READ MORE

I have dark under arms with stretch marks. Is ok to do electrolysis on Retin-A skin?

I used hair removal creams when I was a teenager I have dark underarms I used steroid product xtreme brite when my friend recommended it but it left... READ MORE

What cream can I use daily to prevent redness and irritation after using tretinoin 0.05℅? (Photo)

I am currently using a skin bleaching cream called Roshini it is comebined with Tretinoin 0.05℅, Desonide 0.05℅ and Hydroquinone 6℅ prescribed for m... READ MORE

Darkening around lips after using Retina-A-Micro.

Hi, I've been using Retina-A-Micro 0.08% for a couple of weeks and initially it was good but since four days the skin around my lips started turning... READ MORE

Can I use Retin-A for this?

I recently used a chemical peel for 2wks now for my dark knuckles and the dead skin is on top of it but it is not peeling.Can i use retinA to peel off... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark fat creases on stomach.

I have 'fat creases' (3 separate lines)on my stomach that make me very insecure, I know how they probably came about, from bad posture, weight gain,... READ MORE

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