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Does Retin-A Make Indentations Worse?

I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews on the pros and cons of Retin A. I'm clear of acne but just dealing with scars and indented skin... READ MORE

I m 20 yr old female and I have been getting cystic acne on my chin the last 3 years consistently. Should I go for Retin-a?

These acne are bump-like,without head.Only few of those are able to come to head after 2-3 weeks. I have tried acv and benzoyl peroxide which doesnt... READ MORE

How can I explain to my doctor (PCP) that .01% (yes, .01) tretinoin is not working for my cystic acne?

I have tried to get my doctor to increase the strength of my tretinoin gel. I have cystic acne and don't want to take any oral medication for it, so I... READ MORE

Retin-A for hyperpigmentation?

I have hyperpigmentation on my face from hormonal cystic acne, and "down there" on my butt from HPV being treated with solution. Would Retin-A help this? READ MORE

Treatment for red marks left by sudden cystic acne outbreak? (Photo)

I had a sudden outbreak of severe cystic acne 8 months ago. Have been using Tretinoin since 6 months ago nightly but close to 0 improvement in the red... READ MORE

Retin A Cream and V-Beam Laser

I've been using Retin A to prevent cystic acne from developing again. I use it only at night. I've also started V-Beam laser treatment to help... READ MORE

Is it normal to still get cystic acne after 4-5 weeks on Retin-A?

I used Benzoyl Peroxide every night for 2 years and it cleared up all my cystic acne, which only comes on my chin. However, 4 months ago, I started... READ MORE

Retin A or Vitamin C for depressed acne scarring?

I an adult make, and I have depressed acne scarring on my cheeks from many years of cystic acne. I understand that topical treatments will only... READ MORE

Does clindamycin and Retina A work well on African American skin?

I'm using both products now and I'm experiencing cystic acne which is causing hyperpigmentation. I know it gets worse before it gets better. This is... READ MORE

Can i use Retin-A micro 0.01% and rosehip oil as a night care routine?

I have moderate cystic acne mainly in my cheeks and jaws but i have very dry skin: I could not wait 30 min after washing my face as advised to let it... READ MORE

Should I use Retin-A (.025%) for mild hormonal cystic acne?

For the past 5 years I have been getting cystic acne around the time of my period (1/2 spots on my jaw). Recently I had a bad reaction to a certain... READ MORE

Is it okay to use Retin-A on a 5 month old scar that is still red caused by a chemical burn? (Photos)

5 months ago i did something stupid. I picked a cystic pimple and then applying BP for 10 seconds (then washed it of). My dermatologist was very... READ MORE

Can I use Proactive facial scrub in the morning only, when using the Retin A at night?

Also is the use of Retin A in conjunction with Spirolactone 25 mg q HS effective to treat cystic acne in adult female? READ MORE

What is the discomfort level of Dermasound?

I use Retin-A micro 0.04% nightly for acne. Would this be helpful at all for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (red) I have on the front of my neck... READ MORE

Can Retino-A cream treat cystic acne? (photo)

I have been struck by cystic acne since a year. But I do not used to pay much attention to them, I used simple face wash. The cysts came and went off... READ MORE

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