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Moisturizer with Retin-A - Apply Which First?

The Retin-A package insert instructs patients to allow 15-30 mins between washing face and applying the cream. Due to dryness/irritation caused by the... READ MORE

Can I Use Retina A and Vitamin C at the Same Time?

I first apply Retina A gel, then apply a skin brightening product-I recently realized it contains a form of Vitamin C-is that OK? READ MORE

Can You Use Retin-A in Combination with a Daytime AHA/glycolic Acid Moisturiser?

Is this overkill? I have prescribed this regime by a dermatologist, but am concerned about reaching Hayflick's limit. Should I be concerned? I... READ MORE

Is Combining Benzoyl Peroxide and Retina A To My Face Washing Regimen Ok?

Hi, i being using .025 retin a gel for around 6 months.but i still have many blackheads.i want to start the new regimen by adding 2.5% benzoyl... READ MORE

Retin-A (.1%) and Aczone Gel at Night?

Went to my derm today for my acne..currently taking soladyn and retin a at night. But she uped my strength to .1% and prescribed Acezone topical gel... READ MORE

Is the Combination of Glycolic Acid and Retin-A Too Harsh a Regime for Dehydrated Sensitive Skin?

I'm 33 years old and have been using an 8% glycolic acid exfoliating day cream and Retin-A at night to improve slight acne scarring from my teens.... READ MORE

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Use with Retin a Gel .25?

Hi, im currently using retin a every other days and with clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel..the moisturizer is gel form which make my... READ MORE

How Long After Fraxel Repair Can I Start Using Retin-A

Had Fraxel Repair 3 weeks ago. Will Retin-A help with the collagen rebuilding process? Also how long after my treatment should I wait to start using... READ MORE

Is it OK to use Retin-A with a face oil? Which order should I apply the products?

I'm just starting to incorporate Retin-A (tretinoin version) into my skincare routine. I normally use Tarte Maracuja Oil at night as my mositurizer.... READ MORE

Can I Use Retin-A and Aquafor Together?

Can I use Aquafor 30 minutes after applying retin a at night. My skin is very dry. Would that affect the results? READ MORE

Botox and Retin-A ... Use at the Same Time?

I'm 30 and recently just had my first Botox injections to the glabella and forehead. I was using Retin-A (.025%) a few times a week before for... READ MORE

Retin-A and Hydroquione to Under Eyes Created Hollowness, Is It Permanent?

I made a bad decision to apply Retin A and Hydroquione to my under eyelids and I believe it caused some of the areas to hollow. I used it every other... READ MORE

Proactive In The Morning and Retin-a At Night?

Is it possible to use proactive in the morning and use retin a at night? I'm already using retin a (trentinon) at night but still get some acne.... READ MORE

How do I incorporate lytera into my skincare routine when I am already using Retin-A and a vitamin c serum?

Do I apply one first and wait or can I apply both within a couple minutes? Will using lytera with the retinoid or serum reduce their effectiveness? READ MORE

Retin-a and Injectable Fillers

I read a few times using stuff before fillers could cause a reaction, rash, etc to the skin as it is "irritated". I have 3 important... READ MORE

Using Retin-A with Thermage or IPL?

Do I have to quit Retin A before Thermage or IPL? Can I start using it immediately afterward? READ MORE

Can I Treat my PIH with Retin-A/Hydroquinone While I'm Still Using Benzol Peroxide?

I recently received some great answers from doctors on this site about how to treat my PIH. I have decided that a combination of glycolic peels and... READ MORE

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