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Which type of cleanser and moisturizer should use while I'm on Retin-A (0.025%)? (photos)

I'm not sure which cleanser and moisturizer to use since I'm on Retin A and I have oily/sensitive skin. I've heard 'cetaphil' is good, however it... READ MORE

Can I Prevent Aging COMPLETELY? Here is a list of things I do (Updated Question)

1. I use only medical skin care 2. Use cleansers and also cleansers that exfoliate 3. And use Retin A to exfoliate 4. Sunscreen SPF30 with Titanium... READ MORE

Ok To Combine Retin A and Face Cleansing Cloths?

Is it ok to use retin-A cream after cleansing the face with just a face cleansing cloth instead of soap and water on some nights? Will the Retin A... READ MORE

Retin A And Cleansing Devices?

I have used Retin A for quite a few years. I am considering including a motorized cleansing device in my daily regimen. I have nomal/oily skin. Is it... READ MORE

Morning wash after Retin-A?

Dear Professionals, The next morning after putting the retin a , should we again wash our face with cleanser and then apply the sun protection creme?... READ MORE

Do I Effectively Prevent Signs of Aging? (I am 20 years old)

1. I use only medical skin care 2. Use cleansers and also cleansers that exfoliate 3. And use Retin A to exfoliate 4. Sunscreen SPF30 with Titanium... READ MORE

I just started using Obagi products. I have the cleanser, toner, blender, and retinol.

What do I need to do, and how do I use these 4 products please? I cannot tell any difference because I still have deep pores, blackheads on nose,... READ MORE

Can I use natural facial cleanser and toner while using Retin-A?

Hi! I don't have bad acne but it's still some here and there and it's like a few small bumps on my forehead and then a little on my cheek. I recently... READ MORE

For Retin-A Micro .04% Gel, What Drugstore Cleanser Should I Use BESIDES Cetaphil? (photo)

I'm using retin-a micro to help with my shallow acne scars. I've been on it for the past couple weeks, and I see a slight improvement. I use it 4X a... READ MORE

What Brand Name Products Can I Use to Help my Skin? And when Should I Use Those Products?

I was on .1% but even after 5 months the peeling and redness never went away. Now on the .05% for 4 months I have no peeling or redness, but every... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Retin-A and Dry skin? (photos)

I started using Retin-A 0.25% twice a week. I don't get redness or peeling but my skin looks dry, (it's dry even if not on retin a) I wait about half... READ MORE

I will be starting Tretinoin 0.025%. What should I do to achieve the best benefit and results?

Do you know what is the best moisturizer and cleansers to use on my face that will help improve my appearance and the effects of the Tertinoin? I am... READ MORE

Acid based cleansers and Retin A?

Is it safe to use an acid based cleanser when on Retin A? I switch between a Salicylic acid face wash and Neostrata's PHA cleanser and am starting... READ MORE

Is my retin a + aha/bha cleanser purging my skin? And should I expect improvement soon?

I've been on retin a .10% (at night) after charcoal cleanser and aczone (in the day) after an aha/bha cleanser in the morning only, for a month and 1... READ MORE

20, large pores, combination skin? (Photo)

Hi, im 20 and have combination skin with visible pores. I do not know what type of serum i should be using, those with retin A ? Is it okay to use a... READ MORE

Is it safe to combine Retin-A, Vitamin C, and Glycolic Acid together?

I've following this skin care regiment religiously: Morning: - Gentle cleanser - vitamin C (20%) - Glycolic Acid (10%) - Moisturizer - Sunscreen... READ MORE

Retin A and Murad Vitamin C cleanser?

My routine used to be proactiv everyday. I recently started using retin a 0.1 cream and I think proactiv is too harsh to mix with this. My main... READ MORE

Can I use zenmed products to cleanse my skin before using Tretinoin cream?

I want to start using Tretinoin cream, usp 0.05%, but I was wondering if I can use zenmed products as my cleanser. I have derma cleanse acne gel,... READ MORE

I need help finding a cleanser and moisturizer while using Cleocin-T and Retin-A acne creams

I was prescribed Cleocin-T 1% and Retin-A 0.025% creams for my acne. I was told to use the Cleocin-T both morning and night while using Retin-A only... READ MORE

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