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Is a Mild Irritation Good or Bad for the Skin? Using Retin-A.

I have had many conflicting opinions on this particular topic. I want to know if a mild irritation of the skin (body or face, regardless) is good... READ MORE

Retina A: Will I Get Any Benefit from Using Retin A on my Neck and Upper Chest?

Is there any truth to mixing Retin A with lotion? I have been told that this will increase penetration of the drug as well as provide less drying... READ MORE

Can Retin A 0.1% have more benefits for collagen than 0.05%?

I know that 0.1 is better at exfoliating than 0.05, but is it also better at making the skin thicker? READ MORE


Does Retin-A have any long term benefits? Reducing the chance of getting skin cancer etc? Also if I was to start using Retin A-aged 50 and stopped... READ MORE

Acne question; Is it worth switching from murad to exposed skincare?

I used murad products, and Retin-A and its working but very slowly. Would switching from murad to expose skincare be beneficial. (Proactive never... READ MORE

SPF protection requirements whilst using Retin A, and facial oil issue.

I would like to know what SPF factor is required when using 0.025 Retin A. I live in the UK which is temperate, though in summer can warm up. Does... READ MORE

Does generic Tretinoin gel. 05% help with wrinkles? Or does it thin the skin?

Hi, i have been using Generic Tretinoin.05% in the gel form for about 3months. I just turned 20, and i have been using it for acne purposes. My skin... READ MORE

What's the hype with Retin-A products?

I have been using retin a for over a year. I am in my 30s with some acne and my skin is starting to show first signs of aging. Honestly, after a year... READ MORE

Could a Dr please remind me of benefits of using Retin A for a woman, 56, .5 strength?

Could a Dr please remind me of benefits of using Retin A for a woman, 56 who looks good still, good genes. I was wondering is there a moisterizer you... READ MORE

Is Tretinoin truly beneficial for eye puffiness or not?

Greetings to all and congrats for sharing knowledge. I am 36, my skin is oily but in good condition right now and I m using Tret 0.05 for 2 months. I... READ MORE

Will serums dilute tretinoin?

I want to put serums on my face before tretinoin, but I'm worried about a serum diluting the tretinoin. I would prefer to use serums at night, but... READ MORE

Will I still get the wrinkle fighting benefits if I apply my moisturizer right after applying RETIN-A MICRO?

Since RETIN-A MICRO releases the tretinoin over time rather than all at once like regular RETIN-A, I was wondering if applying my moisturizer... READ MORE

Are the benefits of glycerin proven? I find a lot of people recommend mixing it with water and/or lemon juice.

I am 45 and started using retinoid 0.0025 12 days ago for wrinkles. I have very minor flaking and some extra acne but otherwise doing well. I still... READ MORE

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