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Directions for the Application of Retin-A?

I am going to purchase RetinA in Cozumel. What are the most common directions given for the daily application? READ MORE

Retin a Application... Ok to Blend?

Is it ok to blend anything such as a natural oil or aloe vera with retin a for application? READ MORE

When do I apply AHA in my skin care routine if Im already using vitamin c in the am and renova at night?

When to apply AHA if I already use vitamin C in the morning and renova at night? In the morning, i cleansed, toned then apply vitamin C then sunscreen... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Retin A 0.001% Gel at Night and then Ultraquin (Hydroquinone 4%) During Day Time?

I have Indian skin and have some brown spots on my cheeks. I have tried Mela D with kojic acid for a month and Retin A for 4 months. I put Retin A at... READ MORE

Should Retin A (Or Any Other Retinoid) Be Applied in a Dark Room?

Doctors keep saying that Retin A (or Renova, or Atralin, or any other type or retinoid) should be applied at night because a) it makes the skin... READ MORE

Can Retin-A be Applied Twice Daily?

Is it ok to use Retin-A two times a day, say morning and night? READ MORE

How should I apply Retin A if I'm doing night shift work?

I start my night shift at 12am n finish at 9am. Normally I'll get home around 11am n head to bed. Can I apply my retin a during day time while I'm... READ MORE

Can I apply retin-a in winter months please?

If yes!!!How often should I use in a month?Thanks. READ MORE

Retin A proper application, what should that look like?

What is the proper way to apply retin a? It seems like between the pamphlet, the dermatologist and the internet, there are too many conflicting... READ MORE

Does Retin-A Cream Seep Into Different Areas of The Face?

When applied, does Retin-A seep into other areas of the skin such as the eyes even when not applied directly to the eyes? READ MORE

Retin-A application on shift work.

I am on a schedule of one month of days (6AM-6PM), one month of nights (6PM-6AM). I am currently applying my Retin-A about 9-10PM while I am getting... READ MORE

Retin-A: Should it Only be Applied at Night?

Why is it recommended to only apply Retin-A before bed? READ MORE

I Have Both Retin-A and Clindamycin Phosphate Gel, How Do I Use Them Both Properly?

Retin-A- .04 percent. My doctor said something after school to put it on but I'm reading online that it's best to be used at night Clindamycin... READ MORE

When I Apply Retin-A for Treatment of Indentations, Should I Apply It to the Indents Only or All over the Face?

I have just finished with my 6-month course of Accutane, left with some indentations. I have not seen a lot of improvement on the scars, but I heard... READ MORE

How Should I Incorporate Retin-A Into My Skin Care Ritual?

Hi i would like to start using retin a micro into my skin care ritual. i would like to know what strength i should use for BEST results and if what... READ MORE

Argon OIL for Better Skin?

How is this beneficial to your skin and how often should one apply it, if at all. Can you recommend a dose or brand? READ MORE

Prescription Acne Cream and Retin A Application?

Dear Doctors: 1) Should I apply acne cream and retin A all over my face or only to the affected areas? 2) Is there an order in which I should apply:... READ MORE

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