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Can I Prevent Aging COMPLETELY? Here is a list of things I do (Updated Question)

1. I use only medical skin care 2. Use cleansers and also cleansers that exfoliate 3. And use Retin A to exfoliate 4. Sunscreen SPF30 with Titanium... READ MORE

Retin A for Age Prevention?

Hi i am 24, if i use retin a at this age, will i look younger than my age in future? provided i am consistent on retin a. READ MORE

Do I Effectively Prevent Signs of Aging? (I am 20 years old)

1. I use only medical skin care 2. Use cleansers and also cleansers that exfoliate 3. And use Retin A to exfoliate 4. Sunscreen SPF30 with Titanium... READ MORE

How long does it typically take the skin under the eyes to adjust to Retin-A? (Photos)

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now to help even out the texture of my skin, reduce fine lines, and prevent the signs of aging. The rest of my... READ MORE

Is there a way to prevent or minimize the under eye bags/puffyness that occurs as we age?

Is it possible to prevent or minimize the under eye bags that form as we age. For example, can diet, excercise, retin A, sunscreen, etc slow down the... READ MORE

What's the hype with Retin-A products?

I have been using retin a for over a year. I am in my 30s with some acne and my skin is starting to show first signs of aging. Honestly, after a year... READ MORE

Differin vs Retin-a, which would be best?

I've been using Differin .3 for a year for acne & anti aging - I've had good results except that I have developed a new problem of getting dry type... READ MORE

Will my under eye skin recover and go back to how it was before or am I permanently damaged after using Medik8 retinol tr eye?

Please can you advise me? I am feeling very low. I used Medik8 Retinol tr eye serum 0.1 and after one application my under eye skin has a crepey/paper... READ MORE

Retin A vs Redermic A vs. Effeclair duo +. How to keep young looking as long as possible?

I'm a 34 year old male, who wants to look as young as possible for as long as possible. Have done some research, and every company tries to sell their... READ MORE

Do scars get worse with age? I've started retinoid treatment for wrinkles too. Will this help?

When I was 22 I had an incident with the top coming off a blender with scalding soup in it. It left me with a serious burn on my chin that heeled... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer age 44, it was hormone receptive. I had radiotherapy, chemotheropy and 7 years on medication

Is there anything I can take to reverse the ageing process or stop the rapid decline. My skin is so thin a tiny knock causes blood spots, my bones and... READ MORE

I use retin A every night. How can I incorporate anti aging?

I like to put retin A/tretinoin right after I wash my face at night and in the mornings I wash my face and put sunblock/moisturizer , I was wondering... READ MORE

Is using retin-a and glycolic acid too harsh on the skin?

I currently use 4% glycolic acid cream in the day and 8% glycolic acid night cream at night. I'm looking to add retina all over my face - 0.01% (... READ MORE

Is this below combo too harsh for face or is it effective?

Hi doctors... I recently bought a skincare product with this combo:1.5% Time Released Retinol and 3% Matrixyl Peptides. I have used it for a week now... READ MORE

Am I supposed to be using Glycolic acid with the Retin-A 0.1%? (Photo)

I I've read or heard it says you should be using a Retin-A, glycolic acid moisturizer (day time) , vitamin c serum (day time), SPF and a night cream... READ MORE

How many years would you say that Retinoid cream takes off the appearance of the face?

I saw a video of a woman who was 62 who had been using retinoid creams for 27 years and she didn't look older than in her 30s. With prolonged use, how... READ MORE

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