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Retin a for Two Months and No Effect?

Hi i have been on retin a for two months. but have not seen improvement on my skin. but not seen any terrible side effects people experience. does... READ MORE

Can Retin A Interfere with Collagen Production from a Total Fraxel 2-3 Months After?

Although my doctor says it is ok to use Retin A 2 months after my total fraxel, I read on an internet site that it could interfere with the collagen... READ MORE

I have been using Retin-A for 8 weeks and my face is really red. Is this normal?

I have really sensitive skin and i have been using retin a .25% everyday for the past eight week.s My acne is disappearing but my face is super red?... READ MORE

Generous Face, Arm Applications of Retin-A 0.1% Causing Very Blurry Vision?

For 2mo I've been using this only. 2 times daily liberally all over the face neck arms as prescribed (to help even out severe skin tone issue). Just... READ MORE

I use Retin A 0.05% for 2 months and I still get irritations. Why?

I am 25 years old with pretty good skin. I use the 0.05% only once a week for 2 months, and I get some redness and irritations for couple of days... READ MORE

Retin-A peeling/dryness on my tenth week. What can I do?

I've spent ten weeks using retin-a and my face has been really dry, somewhat peeling this week. It wasn't this dry even in the beginning and my usage... READ MORE

My acne is getting worse after using tretinoin A for 9 weeks, what do I do?

So what I am using is tretion in night and vitamin c product in morning for the 8 weeks. I don't really know what is going on but before On the 8 week... READ MORE

I got tiny small bumps at my jaw lines. Any suggestions?

I have using retin a 0.05% cream for 7weeks. I got tiny small bumps at my jaw lines. Why is it appear? What should i do? READ MORE

Retinol Problems? Blotchy Skin After 2 Months?

I started using a 1% retinol about two months ago. Initially, my skin looked awesome, then about a few weeks later, my skin got really bad. I now have... READ MORE

When Can I Start Using Retinoids After CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I had CO2 laser resurfacing 70 days ago on 2 small areas: quarter size area of my upper right cheek and 2 quarter size areas on my left cheek. I was... READ MORE

Retin-A Combined With A Boots Scar Serum and Laser Vein Treatment?

I've two questions about Retin-A, i have been using it for seven weeks and having good results, but before i started using it i was using a boots scar... READ MORE

2 month post op, 2 apps of Retinol 1.0 caused under eye skin crepey/ wrinkles. Aged 25 yrs in 2 uses. Will my eyes ever recover?

I'd never used a retinol b4. An on-line co. that has aestheticians that recommend products over the phone rec'd skinmedica Ret1.0 for sl hints of... READ MORE

Why is my skin peeling so much? (Photo)

Ok. Two months ago I had a AHAfruit acid peel directly followed by a microderm. They said use retin A about 5 days later to help with cell turnover. I... READ MORE

Started Retin-A eight weeks ago...isn't it meant to improve skin? I have peeling and it looks worse after 2 days of use.

Started to use 0.05% retin-A  8 weeks ago in 2days use, 5 days off regime and all what I got is dry skin, peeling and it looks worse than before.... READ MORE

I have been on Tretinoin for 2 months now, I noticed my pores on my cheeks are a lot more noticeable. Any suggestions?

Could this be because I have just started this for the first time and my skin is purging? READ MORE

Can I take a break from Tretinoin for 2 weeks?

I have been using Tretinoin 0.04% for two months. I will be volunteering in the Middle East for the next few weeks, and I won't have enough time to... READ MORE

What is causing asymmetry, does it look like the left side of my nose has knuckled? (Photo)

Primary rhino 2 mo ago. My surgeon says right side is swollen but the left side of my tip looks collapsed and has a small hard point making me think... READ MORE

Red lines from mouth corners downward, 2 months after Retin-A.

I've been using .05 Retin A nightly for 2 months now, for wrinkles and chin acne. I never had irritation or peeling. I don't see any difference yet,... READ MORE

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