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Perfecting my Pout - New York, NY

So I have always admired a Jolie pout. I scheduled my appointment for Dr.Pearlman before my 30th birthday in an attempt to re-gain my youthful glow. I really was feeling down about turning 30 and needed to do something for me. I had a nerve block done and I felt little to no pain as he injected.... READ MORE

A Little Lip Pick Me Up - Palo Alto, CA

I went to see Dr. Boudreault to inquire about lip enhancements. As a mother of two small children (and possibly more in the future), I knew I wanted to do a little something to make me feel a little more youthful, and look a little less tired in the mornings that didn't require make up or hours... READ MORE

44 Yr.old 3 Kids . Had Restylane for the First Time. Great Improvement to Nasal Folds. - Sugar Land, TX

I can definitely see a change. I was really afraid , I have never touched my face with any fillers or anything else. I went for one syrange first after two weeks for a second to perfect my nasal folds. I am glad I did it. I was not swollen or bruised. By the next day I looked great. I am 44 but... READ MORE

61 Years Old. Filler in Hands to Create a More Youthful Appearance. Boulder, CO

I was highly motivated to recapture a youthful appearance to my hands. When I was younger my veins in my hands were pronounced, but my skin was tight. Now that I am 61 my veins are much more pronounced with thinning skin. I am so thrilled that the filler placed in my hands plumped up, and evenly... READ MORE

Restylane Shots and Dr. Yang Were the Answer to my Prayers! - New York, NY

I visited Dr. Yang's in the hopes of getting consultation for buccal fat removal. Most surgeons do not show much of their personality or have a lack thereof during consultations. Dr. Yang explained to me that I have a very youthful face and with time after buccal fat removal that I would have a... READ MORE

32 Years Old- Lip Injections - Kirkland, WA

I've done this procedure before, and loved the results. I just recently did it again after all the product had worn off. I love the results again! Dr. Windle does an amazing job. I love his conservative approach, because my biggest concern was that I DID NOT want to have duck face lips that I... READ MORE

Restylane for Tear Ducts. On the fence as to whether it's worth it.

I decided to get Restylane for tear ducts, as I'm sick of people telling me I look tired, even when I'm not. I had this done at the Restylane clinic in Sweden. I'm lucky as Restylane is produced in Sweden, so there is a speciality here. About the treatment, I was expecting it to hurt more. It... READ MORE

60 and in need of some help

Excellent! i have been going to dr scherl for 20 years. she has been helping me to stay more natural and youthful as i age. her skill is in easing the wrinkles and softening the face. when my appointment is completed i always feel so much better about my appearance. dr scherl has a great eye,... READ MORE


I went to see Paula and wasn't sure what I needed. I was about to have my 43rd Bday & didn't want to look it. She assessed & strategically put fillers in a few different areas on my forehead & chin. It wasn't a lot, but where she put the made a HUGE difference. She was amazing. Most... READ MORE

Best Experience with Dr. C for Facial Rejuvination/ Fillers/botox - Washington, DC

I had researched the top plastic surgeons in the DMV extensively and had been to several of the "best" based on referrals from friends of mine who had great experiences. Dr. Chobaki was the third opinion and I am very fortunate to have consulted him. Not only did I save money in unnecessary... READ MORE

Loss of Facial Volume and Sagging - Fresno, CA

After finding Dr. Truong on realself I decided to go to him based on reviews and I liked the fact he specializes in the face. Being in my mid 40's I noticed sagging and loss of volume in my cheeks and especially the area around my mouth. Dr. Truong carefully explained how he could correct... READ MORE

Completely Transformative Restylane Treatment from Dr. Rottman. Baltimore, MD

As a senior, over time my wrinkles and aging lines have become increasingly prominent. A friend told me of the Restylane product and Dr. Rottman & I decided on a consult. After a thorough discussion with the Doctor, I went ahead. Needless to say, I'm amazed by the results. My formerly ... READ MORE

44 Years Old, Executive, Mom and NPC Bikini Competitor - Fayetteville, NC

I spend hours in the gym working on my physique for bodybuilding competitions. I had marionette lines on my face that were accentuated when I diet down for bodybuilding competitions. I had immediate results from the filler and left feeling fabulous. The filler lasts approximately 18 months.... READ MORE

Dr. Rapaport is an Excellent Doctor. - New York, NY

My motivation is always to look good and youthful. Dr. Rapaport seems to know how to do this without me looking like I had anything done. This is why I have been coming to him for the last 4 years. I can always trust him as he knows where and how to put the botox and restylane without me... READ MORE

50 Year Old Professional Female - Templeton, CA

Noticed that my lips were getting thin, wanted to regain some youthful fullness. After doing research, decided that I wanted my procedure to be performed by a board certified facial plastic surgeon Had a very comfortable consultation. The procedure was interactive, and my lips look and feel... READ MORE


Dr. Donath is a true perfectionist and highly skilled doctor, this was my second experience with filler in my tear trough area. I did it about 7 yrs. ago by another very well known doctor in Cincinnati and the result WAS HORRIBLE! So, I was VERY scared to try it again. Finally, I decided to go... READ MORE

34 Year Old Career Woman with Much Needed Facial Rejuvenation!! - Los Angeles, CA

I went to Dr. Karimi worried about how tired and worn out my face had started to look. Having an incredible career definitely has it's pros and cons! I didn't want any intensive surgery and really wanted to avoid any sort of artificial look. I was blown away by how natural and refreshed I... READ MORE

59 Years Old - So Happy with How Fillers Have Improved my Appearance - Natick, MA

I've been a patient of Dr Hricko's for about six years. I've had a number of procedures done by Dr Hricko, including fillers. He has always advised me appropriately and my appearance has continued to improve. He never pushes me to do anything, but his suggestions have always been exactly what... READ MORE

Very Professional Informative, Gentle, Precise - Skokie, IL

I was tired of people telling me I look tired from my genetic under eye grooves, that was the only part of my face that was aging me, the restaylane Dr.Cohen put in was just the right amount to give such a natural youthful look! READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes - Not Happy

I was shallow under eyes so I wanted to get a more youthful look. so I chose Restylane fillers, I did get Botox as well wich I LOVE . but the filler were not as nice as I expected. it changes the whole texture of my skin, added uneven puffyness created wrinklesI had Restylane under my eyes then... READ MORE

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