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48 Needed a Facial Boost! Tired Sunken Eyes

Was very nervous as very reputable doctor wouldn't do the restylane under eyes.. he instead did fillers on temples and lower cheek area! I never even considered my temple but he did a good job and I love it! Went to get my under eyes four days later at dermafx in redondo beach because it was... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler

For the longest time I really thought I was THAT tired until I found out that I actually had significant volume loss in the tear trough area! I had 1 syringe split between both eyes (so half under each). I took arnica for the week before and used arnica gel after and had no bruising and only... READ MORE

Juvederm for Tear Trough

For many years I have suffered from dark circles and a hallow under the eyes that rapidly seem to worsen as I approach 40. While i did find SPF and some skin care brands to be somewhat effective in improving the look of the dark circles, the volume loss due to the hallow was another matter so I... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Lost Weight. Restylane for Volume Loss. - Torrance, CA

I lost about 35 pounds and my face has gotten thin and has begun to sag a bit around my mouth. I look gaunt. For so long I have dreaded seeing pictures of myself because of this issue. I am doing something about it tomorrow and I am a bit nervous. This is my first time getting any cosmetic... READ MORE

39 YO with Skinny Upper Lip. Alexandria, VA

I've notice over the last couple of years as I approach 40 that I have lost volume in my face. Particularly, my top lip had deflated and was out of proportion to the bottom lip. I felt it gave me a 'mean' look and just wanted to soften that a bit. I had 1 cc Restylane almost entirely in the top... READ MORE

27 Y.o., Tear Trough Treatment with Restylane Lidocaine. London, GB

I've had dark circles and noticeable tear troughs all my life (inherited from my father and his family), but after I turned 25, it started to quickly get worse. There was not a single photo of myself that I liked, because on each of them, I saw a tired 35+ lady who's lived a hard life instead... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes to Fill in the Sunken Look. South Carolina

I am writing this as I couldn't find many reviews on this procedure and think it may be helpful to others. Getting fillers in your face can be scary. As I age, I'm losing volume in my face, particularily around my eyes. I've tried using makeup, highlight powders, creams and lotions, all to no... READ MORE

Almost 68 Years Old and Unhappy with my Under Eye Hollows. - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Zoumalan was very professional and spent a lot of time accessing the situation around my eyes. Since I have had prior blepharoplasty surgeries and all the fat had been removed from under my eyes, now that I am almost 68 I was losing more volume. He injected restalyn and another filler... READ MORE

Treatment for Under Eye Hollows (Appeared As "Bags") - Santa Barbara, CA

I am 23. I have always had "under eye hallows" (just genetics), but in the last few years I have noticed that due to volume loss in my face that they had started to appear deeper. When I smiled, it looked as though I had bags under my eyes (not bad, but enough to bother me). I had botox... READ MORE

Good Bye Raccoon Eyes! - Encino, CA

My dark circles were one of my biggest flaws. Apart from the darkness I also had lost of volume in the area creating a darker shadow under my eyes. I always looked tired and sleepy, and when applying concealer I always failed to make my eyes look presentable! Dr. Alex did restylane for me,... READ MORE

Best Experience with Dr. C for Facial Rejuvination/ Fillers/botox - Washington, DC

I had researched the top plastic surgeons in the DMV extensively and had been to several of the "best" based on referrals from friends of mine who had great experiences. Dr. Chobaki was the third opinion and I am very fortunate to have consulted him. Not only did I save money in unnecessary... READ MORE

Loss of Facial Volume and Sagging - Fresno, CA

After finding Dr. Truong on realself I decided to go to him based on reviews and I liked the fact he specializes in the face. Being in my mid 40's I noticed sagging and loss of volume in my cheeks and especially the area around my mouth. Dr. Truong carefully explained how he could correct... READ MORE

33 Y/o Seeking Filler for Improving Lost Volume - Charlotte, NC

I have a very narrow/thin face & have been noticing that I sometimes appear gaunt in photos. I also wanted to even out my smaller top lip to match my fuller bottom lip...but I wanted it to look very natural. Dr. Kosari used Restylane for my treatment. He replaced lost volume in my cheeks... READ MORE

31 Year Old Female, Lost Volume Under Eyes - Harrison, NY

Felt I looked older for my age, lotions and creams weren't working . Just wasn't feeling happy with how I looked. I Had previously gone to another doctor for fillers and just wasn't happy with the results. Did some research and found Dr. Gordon and only saw good things. I highly recommend him... READ MORE

36 Year-old Restalyne. Napa, CA

I noticed right after turning 34 that my face began losing volume around the hollows of my eyes and I looked tired everyday regardless of the amount of time I slept. I started looking up different options and thought fat grafting would be the best bet. I met with Dr Price for a consultation and... READ MORE

20 Years Old. Loss of Volume in Cheeks. Matawan, NJ

Always have been insecure about the loss of volume in my cheeks. They look amazing now!! I'm so happy with my purchase. Normally a full vine is around $800 and they have specials constantly so I got it for $390. It's great for young people like me who don't have thousands to throw around but... READ MORE

33 Year Old, Loss of Volume, Deep, Hollow Tear Trough Area - League City, TX

I have always had very noticeable hollowness under my eyes since I can remember, as I've gotten older it's gotten worse. Upon searching a plastic surgeon to administer my first ever round of filler I came across Dr. Geppert's website and after 5 mins with her during my consult, I knew I'd be... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Filler, 34 Year Old Asian Female - New York, NY

I started losing volume in my eyelids around the time I began Latisse 5 years ago. I have since been informed that Latisse may induce localized fat loss and have stopped using it. I've had good experiences with injectables before and did not want to go through an invasive procedure to correct... READ MORE

37 Year Old with Slight Volume Loss Around Eyes and Cheeks - Charlotte, NC

I received two injections of Restylane around my under eye area in October of 2014, and then went back in February of this year to plump up my cheeks. Dr. Kulbersh does an amazing job of achieving a natural look. He is personable and listens to your concerns and works with you to obtain the... READ MORE

47 Year Old, Slight Volume Loss - Atlanta, GA

I have some slight volume loss under my eyes and in the folds beside my mouth. Restalyne has worked well in the past to restore the fullness in those areas. I read all the great reviews about Dr. Morgan for plastic surgery on Real Self, so I thought why not go to her for Restylane? I have... READ MORE

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