trauma + Restylane

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Nasal Labial Folds Restylane -redness, Lump

15 hours after restylane for nasal labials, done via cannula into folds themselves and into cheek. Treated with ice and arnica all day, avoided all blood thinners etc. ate lots of pineapple prior to procedure. My skin is Scottish and prone to reddening, swelling and bruising. Dr took special... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect from Restylane Injected Under EyE - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a really bad experience with restylane and I am on the brink of depression, because it made my situation worse. I just want an unbiased opinion far away from my doctor, because he constantly is inconsistent with his replies and is really biased because he just wants to calm me down and... READ MORE

Got my confidence back!

I recently had filler treatment done with Dr. Kotlus. After going through a traumatic experience/injury and not eating or sleeping well for a prolonged time period, I noticed my face looking deflated and saggy. Also, my eye area had noticeably dark circles. I was sick of trying to cover up my... READ MORE

Unfortunate Experience

I've been unlucky with previous eyelid surgeries, that resulted in ectropion, when I first met Dr.Malholtra I was relieved by his bedside manner and thought I was in good hands. (And I read the reviews here thinking that he would be good, but I now know that most were fabricated, just look at... READ MORE

Best Experience with Dr. C for Facial Rejuvination/ Fillers/botox - Washington, DC

I had researched the top plastic surgeons in the DMV extensively and had been to several of the "best" based on referrals from friends of mine who had great experiences. Dr. Chobaki was the third opinion and I am very fortunate to have consulted him. Not only did I save money in unnecessary... READ MORE

Happy - Atlanta, GA

After numerous attempts to get rid of swelling under my right eye including cortisone injections and steroi8ds, Dr. Robinson found that the source of the swelling was really a trauma to the eye related to an injury. He then treated it with Restylane and filled in the depression left around the... READ MORE

Restylane and Olive Skin - United Kingdom, GB

Caution! Consultants and users or Restylane. Make sure that you do not use Glycolic products imediatley after having Restylane. I did exactly this under the advice of my consultant and I was given Jan Marini Glycolic cream and facial wash. The result after 6 weeks was hyperpigmentation in... READ MORE

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