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Restylane Tear Trough Under Eye Hollow Filler

Went great! Minimal swelling and bruising, went away after two to three weeks. Didn't do any of the anti-bruising recommendations pre-treatment. I bruise so easily I didn't think anything would help anyway. Gloria Saiz (cnp at Dr Mayberry's office) must be really talented because I came out... READ MORE

Scared and Swollen - Richmond, VA

I wanted to get a little touch up before I started a busy season of selling jewelry to high end customers. Having done my research I found a well reviewed local doctor who is known all over for his work and considered an expert in his fields. After a consultation with the Dr we decided to use... READ MORE

32 Y/o Starting to See Bags & Dark Circles Under Eyes

Ve had Botox before but I honestly never thought I would have fillers done. I have always been nervous about getting them. I like to look natural and I don't mind slight signs of aging, but I was noticing dark circles and bag forming under my eyes. I knew it was time and I'm so happy I found Dr... READ MORE

Restylane for under eye bags

I came into Dr. Kapadia's office with severe under eye bags. It was uncertain whether improvement would even be possible with fillers. What happened next was a miracle! With less than a vial of Restylane, Dr. Kapadia essentially erased these problem areas. I came in for my touch up two weeks... READ MORE

Excellent Experience

Dr. Stanislaw takes a very conservative and careful approach to recommending procedures. I felt he explained the benefits and the potential limitations thoroughly. He has a pleasant yet serious demeanor and his staff is very professional and nice. His esthetician, Julie is excellent and did a... READ MORE

Late 30's Touch Up - Plano, TX

I had under eye filler completed with Restalyne. I also had my laugh line done. Very little bruising and swelling under the eyes and none with my laugh lines. Im two days post injection and I've been out with minimum make-up. I did ice alot the first day and a few times yesterday. I... READ MORE

Best Under Eye Filler - New York, NY

If you are interested in under eye fillers, I highly suggest you see Dr. Ellen Marmur. She is extremely good at what she does. Dr. Marmur is someone you can trust. She is highly intelligent, honest, experienced and talented. She can accurately assess what you need and then execute the... READ MORE

38 Y/o Mom Who Wants Natural Looking Updates. San Ramon, CA

Subtle but wonderful decrease in under eye bags. Makes me look more alert and awake. Not the most comfortable of procedures as the skin under the eye is thinner but not horrible and worth it. Tried Xemonin for the first time too. We'll see how it compares to Botox as far as time it lasts. Love... READ MORE

Restylane in Tear Troughs for Under Eye Circles. The Woodlands, TX

Dr. Guy did an excellent job getting rid of my under eye circles with Restylane. His training, skills, and beside manner are second to none. He doesn't settle for anything less than perfection. He called me a few days after the procedure to see how I was doing and offered to see me again in the... READ MORE

Restylane In Tear Troughs. Plano, TX

After a disappointing tear trough filler experience three weeks earlier by another doctor (a board certified Cosmetic Dermatologist), I decided to bite the bullet, take a half day off work and drive the hour + each way to see Dr. Ho. I got in on a "new patient special" so my Restylane was $425... READ MORE

Never Looked or Felt So Good. Houston, TX

I have been Dr. Friedman’s patient for several years and I have never looked better. In fact, I just left the office for my “summer touch-up” and we looked at pictures from 2 years ago-- I look significantly younger and prettier now than back then. He has literally turned back the clock! I am al... READ MORE

Great Rejuvenation with Restalyne - New York, NY

I have my Restalyne done with Dr. Green and have always gotten fabulous results. Somehow my face appears to be fuller and more youthful without appearing "done." After 9 or 10 months I begin to look a little tired and go back for a Touchup. Sometimes Dr. Green persuades me to wait longer. I... READ MORE

Highly Recommend Dr, K - New York, NY

To look my best (for my age) and feel good about how I look. I have had Botox and Restylane between the eyes before and had the area touched up by Dr. K. But I was interested in a better look around the lips and chin, a difficult area to achieve a natural look. I had heard that filling the... READ MORE

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