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Restylane for Tear Trough

The Realself community has always been a great resource for me and I like to give back when I can. Today, my I had restylane injections to fill in my tear troughs. I choose the injections right now over having surgery. In future, if this does not work out or is not working as well, I will opt... READ MORE

Restylane to Cure Tired Appearance, 34 Years - Wellesley, MA

Genetics, low body fat, diet and exercise have all taken a toll on my face. Over the past few years, concerned friends and relatives have been commenting on how tired I look...even when I get a full night's rest. I spent years perfecting my makeup skills, but concealer cannot fill a hollow. And... READ MORE

41y F - Bags Under Eyes - Wellesley, MA

I'm Tired of looking tired . All the sleep and makeup in the world couldn't help me ! I did a lot of research for the procedures to help my problem area, I'm not ready to commit to surgery now , so filler was my choice . Now choosing the right doctor . I didn't want any doctor , but one that... READ MORE

29 Year Old Tired of Looking So Tired - Salt Lake City, UT

At 29 years old I was TIRED of being asked if I was tired all the time. No! I just have deep-set eyes. So I researched and researched different procedures that could potentially help make me look a little more alive in the eye area - enter restylane in the tear trough area! Since this is such a... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Restylane for Tear Trough Deformity BEST DECISION EVER!

Hi all, I was born with deep tear troughs (hereditary on my mom's side). People have been asking me if I'm tired my entire life, and I've always been really self conscious about it. Finally I've decided to do something about it. I think the "tired" look is a result of the hollowness under my... READ MORE

Lip Enhancement - Toronto, ON

Dr Dr. Stephen Mulholland is the best with lips, botox and fillers!!! I’ve periodically, as needed, been having fillers and Botox from Dr Mulholland for over fifteen years now. My lips are more than twice their original size - it’s how I wanted them and like them - and they look so natural. No ... READ MORE

Restylane for Tear Ducts. On the fence as to whether it's worth it.

I decided to get Restylane for tear ducts, as I'm sick of people telling me I look tired, even when I'm not. I had this done at the Restylane clinic in Sweden. I'm lucky as Restylane is produced in Sweden, so there is a speciality here. About the treatment, I was expecting it to hurt more. It... READ MORE

No More Tired Mommy Face Thanks to Dr. Antunes's Expertise! - Atlanta, GA

Came in to see Dr. Antunes for help on my sudden tireded looking face after weight loss and mommyhood. After throughly discussing my options decided Restalyne under my eyes was the way to go. Best decision ever!! Got my fresh face back and now I always look well rested! Dr. Marcelo Antunes is... READ MORE

Restylane Tear Trough - New York, NY

From time to time one has the privilege of having a medical provider of clearly superior caliber. I had that experience since 2015 when I became a patient of Dr. Judith Hellman MD. It is my pleasure to write this review of support on behalf of Dr. Judith Hellman MD and her staff members, who... READ MORE

Fabulous Fillers - New York

I'm a mother of a 4year old daughter and since her birth I've had the tired look. I was reluctant to do anything about it until I went for a consultation with Dr. K and she made me comfortable about moving forward. She explained that it would be subtle but would make me look refreshed. I had... READ MORE

31, Married and Already Looking Tired. - Coral Springs, FL

For as long as I can remember I've had dark circles under my eyes. When I got my first fillers with Dr Yalamanchi there was an instant gratification in the amazing outcome. I no longer looked like I was running on an hour of sleep! The whole thing took about 15 minutes and I didn't have any... READ MORE

29 Years Old Restalyne. Wellesley, MA

I always had that tired looking face, because I have no cheeks, which created under eye hollowness. Dr. Kapadia used 1 vial for the first time and the results were instant. I went back in 2 weeks later for follow-up and I asked him to add 1 vial to my cheek. The first one was under my eyes. He... READ MORE

Looking Tired - Fort Worth, TX

Very happy with the results. It softened the lines in my forehead and help with the under eye hollowness. Made my lips fuller and lessened the lines around my mouth. I had Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane. Dr Camp was very skilled at applying these and there was little or no pain. I would highly... READ MORE

55 Year Old Feels 25. Wants Appearance to Reflect Person. - Omaha, NE

I had fillers and Botox. These procedures make me feel more like myself. It's discouraging to glance in the mirror and the face looking back is worn and tired. Especially when I feel amazing. I have been consistently maintaining my health and fitness for my entire life. Everything from exercise,... READ MORE

I'm a Guy and Didn't Want to Look Weird...- Manhattan, NY

I'm a guy and definitely didn't want to look like I had anything 'done'. Dr.Krant used restalyne in my tear trough area. It was my idea because although the rest my face is ok this area was hollowing out, looking tired. The results were absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier.  READ MORE

Very Happy with Restylane (Tear Trough Area) - Encino, CA

Volume loss and irregularities. Dr. Persky injected the Resty deep into my skin and massaged the area. The area looks smooth and I don't have the tired look that I had before.I told him I was considering sculptra and he told me I didn't need it. READ MORE

Restylane to Correct Under Eye Dark Circles - Beverly Hills, CA

This was my first cosmetic procedure, and I was nervous. I am approaching 40 and have been increasingly unhappy with the dark circles under my eyes. Dr. Hoenig was recommended by a friend and I finally went ahead. I used to look in the mirror and see a tired looking face...and I started to feel... READ MORE

Restylane Nasolabial Folds and Lips - Botox for Crows Feet and Between Brows

I chose Restylane not so much for vanity but because I was tired of people telling me I look tired! I am 38 and the nasolabial folds along my nose were really aging me. I just had the injection of 3 tubes and the dermatologist really wanted to use more. (I agree but at $575 each...) Right... READ MORE

Restylane Caused Too Much Swelling in Eye Hollows

Last summer I had Resty injected into the hollows under my eyes. I was pleased with this experience and I am considering doing it again, maybe with a different filler or maybe Resty again. I have read about some people having really bad bruising from injections at these sites but I... READ MORE

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