thin lips + Restylane

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First Time Lip Fillers (32 Y/o)

I've always felt my lips were a little thin and decided to get fillers. She used 1 syringe of restalyn. I made the mistake of watching videos of the procedure online so I was terrified, it looked so painful. She gave me some numbing cream to put around my lips, some tylenol, and prednisone at... READ MORE

32 Years Old- Lip Injections - Kirkland, WA

I've done this procedure before, and loved the results. I just recently did it again after all the product had worn off. I love the results again! Dr. Windle does an amazing job. I love his conservative approach, because my biggest concern was that I DID NOT want to have duck face lips that I... READ MORE

Wanted Nicer, Fuller Lips. Got Just That! Newburgh, NY

After a lot of trepidation, self assessment, caution and many other things I decided to bite the bullet and try to get nicer lips. I have never had any shape to my lips so this was something I had always yearned for but never had. You hear a lot of horror stories about things that can go wrong,... READ MORE

Love/hate Relationship - Pensacola, FL

I got one whole syringe of restylane in my lips. 2 days later I was in love with the size that they were, but that was just some swelling that was still going on. Nobody really noticed it unless I pointed it out. If your lips are very thin like mine, don't be hesitant about getting more than one... READ MORE

Best lip injections!!

I recently visited Dr. Green's office for lip injections after seeing the amazing results on one of my friends. I've always been insecure about my thin lips but I was afraid to get them done so I wanted to make sure I found the right doctor. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. She was really... READ MORE

Beautiful Lips! I Am So Happy! - Saint Petersburg, FL

I always hated my very thin lips and I did a lot of research before deciding to have lip augmentation. I came to see Dr. Kass because of the wonderful reviews he has received on so many different websites. I can’t believe how nervous I was! I had never had anything done to change my a... READ MORE

"54 Year-old Desiring to Improve the Signs of Aging Skin - Austin, TX

I was interested in something to improve the appearance of shallow contours in my face, plump thin lips and improve the under-eye shadowing. I wanted an alternative to plastic surgery and fillers seemed to be the perfect procedure for me at this time. Fillers are appropriate for anyone wanting... READ MORE

Cool Night Out -Restylane and Cool Sculpting - Marina Del Rey, CA

I've had thin lips since I can remember. Having lip fillers has been a top priority for me forever, so I finally scheduled a consult and procedure. I am so happy I went with the Marina del Rey Plastic Surgery Center. The facility is clean and comfortable; everyone who works there is pleasant... READ MORE

Lip Lift!! - Bedminster, NJ

I've always had pretty thin lips but I never even thought that lip injections were an option. Then after doing some research and speaking with Dr. Janjua about the process, I realized that lip injections were the perfect option for what I wanted. I only wanted a little lift in my upper lip since... READ MORE

50 Year Old Professional Female - Templeton, CA

Noticed that my lips were getting thin, wanted to regain some youthful fullness. After doing research, decided that I wanted my procedure to be performed by a board certified facial plastic surgeon Had a very comfortable consultation. The procedure was interactive, and my lips look and feel... READ MORE

37 Years Old with Fat Loss in Cheek Area, Thin Lips, Nasal Asymmetry - Chevy Chase, MD

Dr. Naderi is clearly a very skilled injector and did a fantastic job giving me the rounder cheeks and fuller lips I had been hoping for. My face looks amazing 1-week post-injection, and the results are subtle (which is what I wanted) but beautiful. He has a very gently touch -- even the lip... READ MORE

Restalyne for Dry, Cracked, Thin Lips - Melbourne, AU

So for most of my vain life I have constantly sought out improvement on my looks, however age had precluded me from ever acting on these tendencies by way of actual plastic surgery. I had researched for quite some time and decided to get my lips done. My lips were not thin, yet not... READ MORE

Never Felt Better!!! - NYC

I was introduced to Dr. Dana through mutual friends... I was nervous at first, had never been in a plastic surgeon's chair before, but I knew that both my smile lines and thin upper lip bothered me. So I went... I met her and I FELL IN LOVE... Lovely, Real, Genuine, Smart, Honest and Warm to... READ MORE

My Six-month Restylane Routine

I have been going to my plastic surgeon for Restylane lip injections twice a year for the past two years. The injections last about six months so I don’t need to go more than that, and I love the fullness and pronounced look that Restylane gives me. I also have Restylane injected in the... READ MORE

Restylane is Not Worth It at All

Restylane is a useless treatment and it was my biggest mistake ever. The doctor conveniently gave me an overdose of the injection, giving me huge lips with bumps and zits all over my upper lip area. I got it done and a so called " reputed" clinic and i thought that i would get fuller , better... READ MORE

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