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Delighted with Dr. Soni

I turned 50 in November and decided it was time to let go of vain ideals and just grow older naturally and with dignity. On December 1, I decided to change my mind and not do that. I've always had weak eyes that, as I get older, are constantly straining. I also don't sleep as well as I should;... READ MORE

No More Tired Mommy Face Thanks to Dr. Antunes's Expertise! - Atlanta, GA

Came in to see Dr. Antunes for help on my sudden tireded looking face after weight loss and mommyhood. After throughly discussing my options decided Restalyne under my eyes was the way to go. Best decision ever!! Got my fresh face back and now I always look well rested! Dr. Marcelo Antunes is... READ MORE

Amazing Doctor!!!!!

I've always had very deep set eyes and as the years rolled on the hollows got worse. After visiting many doctors I made an appointment to see Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai. I was very nervous but she put my anxieties at ease. She told me as I was so hollow I would need 1 syringe of restalyne between... READ MORE

Look 5 Years Younger in 5 Minutes. Beverly Hills, CA

I've been going to Dr. Lee's for over a year now and he is a miracle worker. He has extensive knowledge and great technique. Dr. Lee recommends the procedures that truly suitable for my skin condition and my need. This time he used Restylane around my under eye area, and now my under eye area is... READ MORE

50 Ish Female Needing a Little Refreshing! - Concord, MA

I travel the world for a living, and low and behold the best doctor was right here in my own back yard! Dr. Doherty is simply amazing. His skilled techniques are perfection! I had Botox and fillers done. My before and after pictures are the testimonial of his exceptional work. I look like I've... READ MORE

Dr. Gordon the Rockstar at Neiman Marcus!!!! - White Plains, NY

I am super excited to be sharing my story……. My dark circles have been bothering me for a long time. I have been researching on creams (so much so that all the cosmetic ladies at Neimans know me by first name) on how to treat it. And of course, when they heard Dr. Gordon is invited to speak on ... READ MORE

Aged Beyond my Years..Sun and Smoke. Los Angeles, CA

Best Doctor Ever!! Dr. Karimi came highly recommended to me by someone very dear to me who I trust implicitly. I traveled out here from the east coast and had the very good fortune of seeing Dr Karimi for a consultation. After years of smoking and exposing my skin to the sun, my face needed... READ MORE

39 Year Old - Looking for a Little Refresher - Saint Louis, MO

I had IPL done here in the Fall of '15 - great experience. 2 treatments and presto! Sun damage gone. Takes less treatments than any other place I've been. I have had filler (see his tear trough technique - amazing - google Nayak Tear Trough on Youtube) He really knows the latest and greatest... READ MORE

62 Yr Old with Previous Fillers and Was in Need of Some in the Tear Trough Area - New York

Dr. Kassir does not seem to know anatomy as he injected into the cheek area in the spot I did not need any. He inserted the needle at more of a 90 degree angle to my face which is inappropriate. He left a horrible bruise and sure enough there is a remaining blackish area still visible weeks... READ MORE

Dr. Malouf is a Highly Skilled Restylane Injector! - Dallas, TX

Dr. Malouf is the 3rd doctor I have seen this year for tear trough injections. The 1st doctor left me with terrible results, the 2nd was scared to fully correct the damage done by the 1st doctor. When I went to Dr. Malouf I was feeling hopeless, I didn't think that my tear troughs would ever... READ MORE

SubQ. Restylane, Very Positive Experience - Therapie, Dublin, Ireland

I have had juvederm and perlane filler before and got SubQ administered in Dublin by a well know cosmetic doctor who appears on TV in Ireland from time to time to discuss cosmetic surgery . Anyway he used a a different type of mechanisim to inject the sub Q. He placed a tiny like tube in then... READ MORE

Would NOT Recommend for Lines Around Lips - Florida

Spent $3200 in Restylane in a year for lines around my lips. The Restylane only lasted 3 months so had to keep going back to the Dr to get more. This works out very expensive and is not guaranteed. I contacted the company and they do not guarantee Restylane for lips, they only... READ MORE

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