sunken eyes + Restylane

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Upper Eyelid Hollows

I have upper eyelid hollows and my eyes look so sunken in, Dr. Kalwerisky performed some magic with filler. The procedure went fast, Dr. Kevin numbed the area under my brow bone and then with a micro cannula injected the Restylane. The results are truly amazing, I look less tired and much more... READ MORE

48 Needed a Facial Boost! Tired Sunken Eyes

Was very nervous as very reputable doctor wouldn't do the restylane under eyes.. he instead did fillers on temples and lower cheek area! I never even considered my temple but he did a good job and I love it! Went to get my under eyes four days later at dermafx in redondo beach because it was... READ MORE

Turning 30, Restylane in Tear Troughs - Fort Worth, TX

I just had my first son 8 months ago, and I noticed right after I gave birth that my eyes were noticeably sunken in. I've never had anything done but this particular thing really started to bother me. I hated having to slather on a bunch of concealer and that still didn't conceal the sunken in... READ MORE

So Worth It! - Miami, FL

Finally a treatment that works for My genetic dark circles and very sunk in hollow under eye. Next time I think I'll do even more. I see a very obvious volume in my hollow that after swelling and bruising went away was what needed to be there to get rid of the sunk in hollow. The filler also... READ MORE

Tear Trough Fillers - San Antonio, TX

I had always noticed that my eyes seemed rather sunken in and I felt it always created a pretty pronounced shadow. It didn't bother me too much but one of my friends got fillers in this area and his results were what got me interested so on my next Botox appointment I decided to add on some... READ MORE

Recommended For Dark Circles

I had my under eyes dark circles removed by Dr. Jafari and she did a great job! She injected restylane and volbella for under eyes and cheeks and the results far exceeded my expectations. The injections were ok and not that painful at all as she uses flexible cannula and she clearly has great... READ MORE

Restylane for Hollow Eyes

No matter how much sleep I would get, I still looked extremely tired due to the hollowness under my eyes. My eyes always looked sunken in no matter how much concealer/ remedies I would try. Lynn did an amazing job filling under my eyes with restylane. Pros: Results were amazing, gave me a more... READ MORE

A True Artist - San Francisco, CA

I started looking more tired and "older" even when I felt great. My under eye area was sunken and bluish no matter how much concealer I used. After months of research, I decided to try a filler for my tear trough areas. Time and again during my research, Dr. M kept turning up as... READ MORE

First Treatment, Seems Good - Poughkeepsie, NY

Had 2 vials injected yesterday to my upper cheeks and nasolabial folds. Injections were not bad; of course it stings to have needles poked into your face, but it was definitely not painful. After one day, my face is a little sore at the injection sites, but again, not painful. I was worried... READ MORE

Sunken Lower Eyes - Newburgh, NY

I had the injections to my lower eyes to make me feel even better about myself..The pinch of the needle was uncomfortable, but the instant results were amazing. READ MORE

Restylane for Upper Cheek to Blend in the Lower Eye Lids

I had restylane injected into the upper cheeks and lower eye lids.the doctor told me he didnt go down under the muscle. i had 2cc for both eyes on may 18. afew day later i can see the bags we're coming june 2 he useed 1cc to do a touchup on both eyes. i now still see bumpy/uneveniness.... READ MORE

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