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Full Face of Fillers

I came to dr Andrews after seeing MANY surgeons throughout Houston and some out of town. I was looking for someone I could trust to do my fillers long term. Many professionals left me bruised, uneven, or just didn't give me the look I really wanted. I came to see dr Andrews with a very open mind... READ MORE

Dr James Gordon is the Best - Westchester, NY

I went to Dr Gordon of Westchester for eyelid surgery and Restylane and Restylene lift fillers. He was so gentle and knew exactly what I was looking for. His work is amazing. I got my eyelids back and my eyes are big again. The awful lines under my eyes and smile lines have all but disappeared.... READ MORE

Not Sure if Fillers Are Her Thing - Mountlake Terrace, WA

Karny is impressive, smart and charismatic. I am sure she is a fantastic urologist. However, I don't think fillers (lip and smile lines) should be her thing. My lips were filled but turned out very uneven. It felt like hard pebbles were on one side, and nothing on the other. It wasn't smooth and... READ MORE

63 Yr Old with Smile Line Depressions - Paramus, NJ

Dr Baxt is very thorough and explains all procedures being performed. She answered my numerous questions before, during and after the procedure. Dr Baxt made me feel comfortable and didn't rush me out of the office! The staff are professional and welcoming. I love that everyone is educated on... READ MORE

Turned out alright

Hello, Real Self Community! I've been use Real Self reader for about a year as I'm researching different cosmetic procedures. One of the surgeries I really wanted was filler in my tear troughs, smile lines, marionette lines, and lips. It sounds like a lot, but I just wanted a natural, little... READ MORE

My Happy Place - Lutherville, MD

If only everything in life was this easy! I recently had botox injections and restalyne filler done. At 35 I wanted to treat myself to some rejuvenating treatments. The results were not only flawless they were FAST! Subtle perfection is how I would describe the delicate tweeks and enhancements... READ MORE

38 Years Old....mother of 3...filler and Botox for Fine Lines - New Albany, IN

Getting Restylane and Botox are fairly simple procedures. The filler helps with those fine smile lines around the mouth as well as plumping your lips of you choose to do so. Dr. Chatham is absolutely wonderful! He's so kind and caring and is always very gentle as he explains the procedure or... READ MORE

24 Yr Botched Fat Transfer in Reconstructive Surgery - Louisville, KY

Words cannot express how happy I am with Dr. Calobrace. He is so detail oriented and works with you to get things just right, and I trust his judgement so much. Almost a year ago, Dr. Martin from Cincinatti did a fat transfer from my right love handle to my cheek to correct fat atrophy that had... READ MORE

Never Felt Better!!! - NYC

I was introduced to Dr. Dana through mutual friends... I was nervous at first, had never been in a plastic surgeon's chair before, but I knew that both my smile lines and thin upper lip bothered me. So I went... I met her and I FELL IN LOVE... Lovely, Real, Genuine, Smart, Honest and Warm to... READ MORE

Restylane, Perlane, & Botox - Dallas, TX

I had botox in my forehead and two weeks later had Restylane around my mouth and in my smile lines. I had Perlane injected into my cheeks. My botox results are great. I can still move my eyebrows and it looks very natural, but most of the wrinkles in my forehead are gone. I am thrilled with the... READ MORE

I Love my Restylane Injections in my Tear Troughs and Smile Lines - New York, NY

I was really nervous about getting my injections because I am afraid of needles but this didn't hurt at all. Dr. Green used a topicaly numbing medicine for an hour which was great. She injected my face in the smiles lines and around my lip area. She also injected the hollow area under my eyes. I... READ MORE

Great Bedside Manner, Sets Realistic Expectations - San Francisco, CA

I looked tired all the time and thought I needed filler in my smile lines to fix it. Dr M showed me how a bit of filler applied to the cheek areas could give that visual lift I needed, without looking like Lisa Rinna. Love the results! I look rested and not fake. READ MORE

Restylane and Olive Skin - United Kingdom, GB

Caution! Consultants and users or Restylane. Make sure that you do not use Glycolic products imediatley after having Restylane. I did exactly this under the advice of my consultant and I was given Jan Marini Glycolic cream and facial wash. The result after 6 weeks was hyperpigmentation in... READ MORE

Top Notch Houston Plastic Surgeon - Houston, TX

My smile lines were deep! So I had them filled in. I also had Botox done to my creases in between my brows! READ MORE

Had Restylane Yesterday, So Far Mixed Feelings - Texas

I had restylane yesterday for my smile lines and nasolabial folds. I am 36. At first, it looked pretty good minus the needle marks. As the night went on it began to swell and I could feel hard lumps under skin. Possibly hematoma or edema?? I am now almost 24 hrs from the injections and my... READ MORE

Restylane Worked but is It Worth the Cost???

I had restylane injected into my cheeks and smile lines. I was so excited the first day because all my laugh lines had disappeared! 3 days later they started to return and at that point I realized that there had been swelling at the injection site causing the lines to smooth out. A week later I... READ MORE

Restylane Not So Great for Smile Lines (47 Y/o)

I am 47 and I've been thinking about this for a couple of years. I visted one Dermatologist who prefers Radiesse and told me that to just inject the NL folds or smiles lines without addressing some of the fat loss in cheeks, tends to drag down the mouth more. I thought that was a line and a ploy... READ MORE

I did it initially for my smile lines - Restylane - California, CA

I think this a great product for the lips only, and or small chicken pox scars. I did it initially for my smile lines which was a waste of money, because I just ended up looking like a chipmunk! READ MORE

Restylane Great

At 41 the lines from the sides of my nose to my mouth were starting to get deep and I really disliked them. I already had had Botox in my forehead and my Dr suggested I try Restylane. I've had two treatments now, 6 months apart. The first one seemed to last about 4 months and I felt a little... READ MORE

Restylane and Perlane Rock

I have had Restylane since it first came to the US in late 2003. Started with just my smile lines and upper lip. Over the past 4+ years, I have also had treatments with Restylane under my eyes and Perlane to make me some lovely cheekbones. I have to say, that the Restylane in my smile lines and... READ MORE

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