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22 Y.o. Restylane Under Eyes for Bags/dark Circles

I've dealt with dark circles and bags under my eyes for my entire life. No amount of concealer or highlighter could correct the shadows under my eyes from the bags, and they were my biggest insecurity. I do not have any hollowness (like many who try fillers under the eyes do). After trying tons... READ MORE

73 Years Old - 4 Years Since My Last Treatment - Summerfield, FL

I had restalaine injections when I was 69 years old (fisrt photo) when I was on a cruise ship. The procedure was painless and I never had any bruising or swelling. The first photo was taken 3 days after the injections. I just had the procedure again done by a doctor and as you can see, there... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience! Restylane Nasolabial.

I sort of stumbled upon this doctor he was down the hall from my PCP. I then looked him up on Yelp and he had great reviews everywhere. They scheduled me within a week of my phone call. I checked out there Facebook and they had a special which gave me a free area of Dysport in my case my 11's.... READ MORE

Lip Enhancement and Diminish Frown Lines, with Restylane Fillers. Toronto, ON

As I turned 60 yrs old, I noticed that my smile started to droop and give me a very sad look. I have always been known for my big smile, and friends began asking me if I was alright, as I was looking sad. Well, I went to see Dr. Ali, and in one visit, he eliminated my drooping smile and frown... READ MORE

45 Year Old Female with Wrinkles and Dark Circles Under my Eyes - Cherry Hill, NJ

I stay in shape and try to keep a youthful appearance, but my under eye area made me look tired and old. I considered CO2 laser surgery, but too close to Summer for that this year...maybe down the road. Plus the cost was considerably more than I wanted to spend right now. Even though I read a... READ MORE

Nerve Paralysis After Restylane in Tear Trough - Jacksonville, FL

I received Restylane by a board cert. Derm in my tear trough. I felt immediate numbness and experienced pain for a few days. The numbness never went away so 2 weeks later I went in and she injected Vitrase to reverse the Restylane. It was during this injection that I felt a strange feeling... READ MORE

Need NJ Dr to Go to to Help -Scared of I Had Too Much Injected - Bridgewater, NJ

I had restylane done for the first time thinking it wouldnt be a big deal since ive had cosmoderm years ago, by a different dr, and it work wonderful. This is a nightmare. It hurts and is bumpy and extremely swollen. when i smile, i hardly can and it looks weird and clown like...looks like... READ MORE


You must get a good doctor who can inject correctly without bruising and in the right places. I've used my Dr. for 10 years for Botox. He is a doctor of opthamology, but only does cosmetic injections now. He is super good. Restylane lasts a long time. He uses it to turn up the corners of my... READ MORE

Face Distorted After Restylane in Naso Folds

I "treated" myself to restylane in the naso folds, which honestly weren't even bad to start with. I have high cheekbones used to have a nice smile. Almost 6 weeks and still have pulsating and burning in my cheeks, though the filler was in the naso folds. Sometimes a burning down... READ MORE

Wasnt Pleased with Results, but Just Because Dr. Was Overly Conservative

3-4 months ago I went to a dermatologist to get my lips and nasolabial folds filled in. The dr didnt tell me about juvederm or radiesse and went with restylane. I'm young and I think she wanted to save me money. I paid $500 for one syringe, $90 consult fee and she threw in a free peel. She also... READ MORE

Minimal Results

I had Restylane along the NL folds and had minimal results. I also had a wrinkle above my top lip when I smiled that they injected Restylane injected into. It had a very lumpy appearance for over 6 months. It is still lumpy to touch, but the wrinkle is not there when I smile. I do have to... READ MORE

Restylane Gave Me the Lips of my Dreams

I had gotten Botox and Restylane at the same time last month – Botox in my forehead and Restylane in my lips with a tiny bit also in my nasal lines. I love the results of each but together they are amazing! For Restylane: I wanted most of it in my lips because this is my real problem area. I... READ MORE

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