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Restylane Destroyed my Life - Germany, DE

At first sorry for my bad englisch. I hope you will understand me anyway. I am a man, 34 years old and I come from Germany. In 2005 I had an injection with restylane in my nasolabial folds. 3 years later the restylane spread to the direction of my philtrum and it grew some bumps on the left... READ MORE

Botched Procedure with Suspect Fake Restylane - Coral Gables, FL

Beware of Groupons and PA's injecting unknown substances. Went to Aaron Dubitzky of Cosmetic Medicine of Coral Gables (supervising physician, Don Pham OD, of Facial Expressions, Hollywood, FL). I ended up in the E.R. on an IV. Multiple office visits after, including plastic surgery MD still have... READ MORE

Bad Side Effects Filler Under Eyes in Thailand !

Bad Side Effects filler under Eyes in thailand ! 8 mont is not gone. docter in thai say : is Restyland now clinic is open in thailand other people don't know after injection. many people is Victim. Medical Council is not help. cry cry cry and serious. READ MORE

Restylane Put Under Both Eyes to Blend in Upper Cheeks. Later Had It Dissolved with Hyaluronidase, Which Left Indents

I went to another Doctor. He used Hyaluronidase to dissolve Reatylane. Does Hyaluronidase dissolve tissue that you do not want to dissolve. I never had these indents beforeI notice on both Eyes under the Tear Tough area under my Skin i had indented. I think thats where the Doctor injected the... READ MORE

An honest and patient doctor.

Dr. Gordon has a wonderful bedside manner and is very patient. He explained the procedure, possible side effects and answered all questions. He doesn't pressure you to do anything and gives an honest opinion. I highly recommend Dr. Gordon. READ MORE

Restylane for Eye Hollowing... but I Did Have Some Side Effects - Charlotte, NC

I wanted to post about Restylane for eye hollowing. I had this injection done about 2 years or so ago. I went to a medical spa. Everything went fine. I had no swelling or horror stories the day of. However, after a few days or so I noticed that I had a purple looking shadow under my right eye. I... READ MORE

Bumps After 3 Years of Restylane Under Eye Area

To anyone thinking about fillers under the eyes, I would really like you to think twice and do your research. I have felt awful for the last 3 years. I did considered dissolving it but another physician advised me to live with the results of Restylane as hyloronidase could dissolve my own fat... READ MORE

I had an overfill of restylane under my eyes in 2008. - Don't Do It - Dallas, TX

I had an overfill of restylane under my eyes in 2008. I had severe brusing and swelling for months. I have permanent injection site marks and a whiter discoloration in the areas under my eyes for 4 years and going.Under my eyes can blow up further at different times to the size of a golf ball.... READ MORE

Bad Reactions Are Very Painful - Savannah, GA

I had injections under my eyes and suffered bruising. However when I got an injection two weeks later on the folds on my cheeks my lrft side turned purple within an hour and i syffered two weeks of aganizing pain and the entire length of my face broke out in discusting sores that are still not... READ MORE

The Worst Reaction - Michigan

A few weeks after having Restylane injections, I became sick, thinking I had the flu. Two weeks after my next injection, I became very sick, blood pressure dropped so that I couldn't stand up. I passed out in my garage, hitting my head, causing a concussion. I wound up in emergency, dr.... READ MORE

Scary Dental Block Reaction Prior to Restylane (Third Time) - Massachusetts

I went to the same Doctor for the 3rd time (no prior problems) to have Restylane injected into my upper lip. I received a Dental Block (lidojust as I had before, but this time it was then injected the other side of my face, which was also way painful than usual, though not quite as bad as the... READ MORE

Restylane Made Me Miserable

I got Resty injected in my lips and also in the fine lines around my mouth. The whole thing was horrible and I am positive I will not do this again. Funnily enough I didn’t have a problem when I was with the dermatologist. In the chair I hardly felt a thing and I went home feeling very... READ MORE

Lumps Caused by Restylane Injections

I have lumps and change of texture on my midface from restylane that was injected a little over two years ago. A doctor injected an enzyme to disolve the restylane but the lumps are still present.Is there a way to remove lumps that have persisted for two years caused by Restylane? READ MORE

Restylane Caused Too Much Swelling in Eye Hollows

Last summer I had Resty injected into the hollows under my eyes. I was pleased with this experience and I am considering doing it again, maybe with a different filler or maybe Resty again. I have read about some people having really bad bruising from injections at these sites but I... READ MORE

Restylane is a Great Under-eye Fix - Montgomery, AL

I had really bad under-eye hollows (my tear troughs) and it was nothing I did and didn’t do - just genetics. I think this is the most frustrating thing because I had to work with what I was given from God. This is something I dealt with for so many years and especially not being very old... READ MORE

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