sensitivity + Restylane

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Turned out alright

Hello, Real Self Community! I've been use Real Self reader for about a year as I'm researching different cosmetic procedures. One of the surgeries I really wanted was filler in my tear troughs, smile lines, marionette lines, and lips. It sounds like a lot, but I just wanted a natural, little... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler Injections - Scottsdale, AZ

I have gone to Dr hobgood twice and have my third appointment in a couple of weeks. Before getting this procedure I was really nervous, I had been researching and found out this is a very sensitive area. The injector has to be very skilled and gentle, and that is what Dr. Hobgood has... READ MORE

A Much Needed Help for Under-eyes - Pittsburgh, PA

My first restylane injection under eyes. A very sensitive area and it was something I was afraid of. Dr. Leong put my mind at ease, but was also honest and real about everything involved in the procedure. I love the results so far--healing nicely. There are a few concerns I have--a little... READ MORE

Great Results, Some Lasting Effects - New York

I have been getting Restalyne injections for 'marionette lines' around my nose and mouth for about 3 years now, and the last time I went the doctor put a tiny bit in my upper lip to fill out some fine lines there. I abolutely LOVE the results. I go when they have a '2 for 1'... READ MORE

Restylane Lip Area

I am 47 years and pretty young looking but have these ugle lines around my lips. I hate them more than anything and I have never been a smoker but who knew that sipping from a coffee cup lid or using a straw would do this. Anyway I have had Restylane three times now and each time the results... READ MORE

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