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41y F - Bags Under Eyes - Wellesley, MA

I'm Tired of looking tired . All the sleep and makeup in the world couldn't help me ! I did a lot of research for the procedures to help my problem area, I'm not ready to commit to surgery now , so filler was my choice . Now choosing the right doctor . I didn't want any doctor , but one that... READ MORE

Tear Trough Restylane Injections for Dark Circles - Chicago, IL

I went in to the doctor's office today for a follow-up on my lipo (see my other review) and ended up asking about Restylane for my hereditary dark circles, which I have had since my early 20's. Leslie Forrester is a nurse at the office and she ended up doing my injections. Leslie was very... READ MORE

29 Year Old Tired of Looking So Tired - Salt Lake City, UT

At 29 years old I was TIRED of being asked if I was tired all the time. No! I just have deep-set eyes. So I researched and researched different procedures that could potentially help make me look a little more alive in the eye area - enter restylane in the tear trough area! Since this is such a... READ MORE

First Time Filing Eye Troughs at 51 Dark Circles & Deep Hollows Since a Child!! - Irvine, CA

I have hereditary dark circles and deep hollows that I have had since a child. It takes me 20 mins to apply concealer under my eyes to try and conceal them and after all the years of applying a ton of concealer it has caused wrinkling and major aging in this area. I was very frightened to have... READ MORE

31 Year Old Male - Under Eye Filler from Raman Malhotra - London, GB

My experiences with Mr. Malhotra have been fantastic. I went to him around 3 years ago with extremely hollow eyes/dark circles. I found him to be very charming, informative and wasn't at all pushy in regards to getting any treatment. He used 2-3 vials of Restylane to fill my tear troughs and... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Botox (Restylane) all over forehead and on frown line - Dallas, TX

Complimentary Botox from my ps Dr. Liland from getting specific implants, but it usually cost $450 for syringe. Super excited to try out Botox, this is my first time getting it and it wasn't painful at all! I don't have any wrinkles on my forehead but obviously wanted to try it out and prevent... READ MORE

Great Experience! - Hagerstown, MD

Dr. DiMercurio was very informative and described the process in a way that was comfortable and easy to understand. This was my first time having any fillers so i was very nervous, but I had no reason to be and I love how my lips look! He also gave me advice on other areas of interest and gave... READ MORE

34 Year Old with Circles, and Eye Hollows - Great Neck, NY

After trying every cream on the market, I realized it was time to do something about my horrible eye hollows and dark circles. I was a nervous wreck and after reading horror stories online, it took me a year of contemplating if I really wanted to do it or not to finally go through with it. I... READ MORE

Look 10 Years Younger - New York City, NY

I went to Dr. Eviatar's office primarily for my sunken, eye circles. He recommended that we use Restylyne since it lasts a long time and is perfect for the delicate, thin skin in this area. They applied a numbing cream and applied ice while performing the procedure. He was very gentle and... READ MORE

Restalyne First Timer - Upper Cheeks and Chin - Singapore

I'm a 43-yr-old mum of three and I just feel like in the last few years my features are sliding down my face. I'm getting the classic rectangular look that comes with age when gravity takes the fullness in our cheeks and sliiiiiiiides it down to form jowls. Nice haha! I've never done anything at... READ MORE

44 Years Old, Trust Dr. Kroll to Keep Me Looking Much Younger! - New York

I've been seeing Dr. Kroll for cosmetic treatments for about 2 years, after having sought out similar treatments from a number of cosmetic dermatologists. My conclusion is: skin doctors treat the skin. Dr. Kroll understands face on (literally) a much deeper level. She is a facial surgeon, and... READ MORE

36 Year-old Restalyne. Napa, CA

I noticed right after turning 34 that my face began losing volume around the hollows of my eyes and I looked tired everyday regardless of the amount of time I slept. I started looking up different options and thought fat grafting would be the best bet. I met with Dr Price for a consultation and... READ MORE

49 Years Old, Male, Eye Bags - Harrison, NY

I had a lower eyelid blef 3 1/2 years ago and was never pleased with the left over bags. Recently I started looking for reviews and things to try and ended up getting a consultation with Dr. James Gordon. Doctor Gordon reviewed the eye bags and recommended I do a filler injection. We did 2... READ MORE

40 and Looking Tired - La Jolla, CA

I smoked for 20 years, though I haven't in over a year, and I've had some stress and trials over the my life. Abuse, divorce, weight fluctuations, loss of loved ones. Those things left their mark on my face. Deep under eye hollows, lined forehead, lined upper lip. Plenty of smiles though too,... READ MORE

Happy Patient After Visiting Andrea Crane! - Raleigh-Durham, NC

I love my fillers in my lips & nasiolabial folds but I HATE the swelling, distorted look & pure pain of sitting through a session but after visiting Andrea Crane with Cynthia Gregg, MD......I now am looking forward to my appointments! I had visited her for Botox a while ago at another surgeon's... READ MORE

Laugh Lines - Beverly Hills, CA

Pros: I received Restylane filler injections to my laugh lines and instantly they looked 100% better using one syringe. The pain was minimal and I am not in pain 3 hours after the procedure. Friendly receptionist at the front desk. Cons: Doesn't last over a year. There is a possibility of... READ MORE

Facial Cosmetic Treatments - Palo Alto, CA

I have had excellent results with botox treatments for deep and minor wrinkles. I have also had restylane injections with excellent results. The face is the most critical area and requires expertise for a successful outcome. I have been very pleased with the results for these outpatient... READ MORE

65 Years Old, Injectables - Newtown, PA

I have been seeing Dr. B for a few months. I have to say, in all honesty, that he KNOWS what he is doing as far as injections (restylane, botox, juvederm). I have had other Drs. inject me, but they never really got it like Dr. B. He reshaped my crooked lips, and injected me with botox &... READ MORE

Restylane for Under Eyes - Westchester, NY

I had Restylane filler for under eyes with Dr. James Gordon, MD at Westchester Eye Associates. The consultations were very helpful and no charged!. Mr Gordon listened to me carefully and gave me realistic advice, he was very honest and so focused. I did not want to over done for the filler, so... READ MORE

57 Year Old -- Girl Next Door (Maybe at This Age--just the Lady Next Door) - Cincinnati, OH

I was introduced to facial work just his year by a nurse friend (who speaks very, very highly of Dr. A. Donath. Hospital nurses know the Drs. that are competent AND lift you up.) Dr. Donath's Black Friday Sale brought me through the doors. Thank YOU nurse friend. And Thank YOU Dr. Donath... READ MORE

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