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Went For It - San Francisco, CA

Wow, looking at my pics is a bit of a bummer. I spent too much money and although *I* see the difference, not a single person has commented. Aside from my sister, who saw me when I was swollen two days afterward, and said "What did you do to your face?!" I think I had an unrealistic... READ MORE

Love It! - Atlanta, GA

I had been wanting to get my lips done for a long time but the thought of needle poking me in the lips always held me back.. But after months of contemplating i decided to go for it. but as soon as my doctor pulled out of a needle i wanted to cry. My doctor being the awsome guy that he is, he... READ MORE

These Trough and Mouth/lip Area Filler - Sarasota, FL

I recently had Restylane injected into my tear troughs, mouth corners, lip lines and upper lip. I had pretty deep hollows under my eyes and wanted a few of the lines around my mouth softened and the corners of my mouth lifted. Because I needed more than one vial, I opted to have a little... READ MORE

Restylane for Under Eye Cirlces - Lone Tree, CO

I have an embarrassing problem with under eye circles. I went to several plastic surgeons for answers. Surgery would have been expensive and a long recovery. I have been going to Dr. Ort for years. I went to him for help and he recommend Restylane filler. After the procedure, I was just over... READ MORE

By Age 51, I Became Discouraged with the Lines in my Face. Lakeland, FL

I made an appointment with Dr. Patel to see what my options were. He recommended fillers. I was skeptical about a filler being sufficient as opposed to a mini face lift. I had the procedure with the fillers and I am quite pleased with the results. The procedure was very tolerable. Very minimal... READ MORE

38 Year Old - Newport Beach, CA

As I am getting older my skin isn't as full as it used to be. Dr. Lee met with me to discuss his recommendations and listened to my desires. My most important request was that I didn't look fake. After hearing my requests he move forward with the procedure. He used Restylane in both my cheek... READ MORE

Restylane Sub Q - Sweden

I did restylane Sub Q 13 m ago. I have not recover yet. It seems like my body build scar tissue around this filler. I only had a half syringe in each cheek and still look horrible. Worst on the left side. I thought I had a temporary filler in me but there is a lot left. People star at me and... READ MORE

Restylane and Botox Looks AMAZING - Beverly Hills, CA

I decided to post a review about my experience with restylane and Botox. I have spent many hours on this site and found it to be very helpful (and frightening) at the same time. I have terrible dark under eye circles and hollowness. Fortunately I live in S California so I was able to have access... READ MORE

Excellent Results - Maryland

I had restylane injections in my lips about 2 weeks ago. The pain was not awful, and I did not have much bruising. I was able to go back to work right after the procedure. It was really one of the best things I ever have done. After rhinoplasty, my upper lip looked tiny. I got a full... READ MORE

Prolonged Swelling

Restylane injections were not painful for the undereye area. Swelling and bruising were horrific. Swelling under one eye has persisted well over one year. Eating salty or spicy foods increases the swelling under the one eye. Recovery for me was well over one month of wearing sunglasses and not... READ MORE

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