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Allergic Reaction to Restylane - Minneapolis, MN

I have had Restylane injections in the past but this time I had a severe allergic reaction to the treatment under both eyes. I was fine for about 3 hours after and then started experiencing swelling, redness and pain under both eyes more so under my right eye. I called my doctor and she started... READ MORE

Restylane in Lips - Rhode Island

I had it injected twice in a year over 5 years ago. I had a rare reaction where collagen continued to rebuild in the are and thus have never needed it again. READ MORE

Wish Id Have Kept my Wrinkles

Wanted to get rid of a few lines but wish id have kept then now. Had 3 different Dermal fillers done 3 times over a 9 month period. All i got was a headache. Maybe if i had know and done more research there are rare reaction and if you look at the people who make products its on there website.... READ MORE

Break Outs After Restylane- But LOVE the Results. - Beverly Hills, CA

I like results of restylane, but I agree with one of the reviewers on here. Every time I get injected, I break out, almost immediately. The next day, its evident that is caused by restylane. Sorry Drs, you are not chemists, and the pharma companies have yet to learn all there is to know... READ MORE

Restylane - Richmond, VA

Pros: a cost-effective way to look 10 years younger quickly. Cons: some buising and swelling, but nothing unbearable. Also, I have very sensitive skin, and whatever they cleaned by face with before the injections has caused my cheeks to become red, inflamed, dry and flaky. I am sure this is... READ MORE

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