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Be Carefull with Restalyne -Miami, FL

The Drs. say restalyne is safe, but i am leaving a nightmare, two months ago, i when for consultasion of renoplasty revision, the dr. told me it is to dangerous becuase i have few and he told that restalyne is the best way, i asked him is it is safe and he say 100 porcent, after 2 day i had to... READ MORE

Restylane Under-eye Filler - Vancouver, BC

I've had these reddish/purple puffy under-eye bags for as long as I can remember. They made me look tired, unhealthy, or like I've been crying alot. I have thought about saving up for transconjunctival blepharoplasty, which I have been quoted for prices ranging from $3500-5000, but I am... READ MORE

Bad Reactions Are Very Painful - Savannah, GA

I had injections under my eyes and suffered bruising. However when I got an injection two weeks later on the folds on my cheeks my lrft side turned purple within an hour and i syffered two weeks of aganizing pain and the entire length of my face broke out in discusting sores that are still not... READ MORE

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